Attachments & Handles

You can use attachments and handles with any gym machine or equipment. Their main purpose is to help us gain strength and resistance in the most effective way possible. In general, these accessories are used to work the muscles from the trunk and the upper body.

The fact that this elements improve the grip and the proper development of strength is extremely important when it comes to preventing injuries. As you may know, the movement of our arm is not the only thing we need to take into account when it comes doing a specific exercise. A bad grip can result in shoulder impingement.

On the other hand, the main advantage of using grips and attachments is that they help us perform many exercises that we could not possibly do without them. Therefore, by increasing the movement range, it is possible to work specific muscles.

Buy Attachments and Handles

In HSN, we have a wide range of attachments and handles so that you will pick the one that best suits your needs. Nevertheless, the most useful and versatile accessories to exercise the biceps and triceps are the cable handle or the rowing machine handle.

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