Hypertrophy Routine, Chest-Leg. 2nd Week

Hypertrophy Routine, Chest-Leg. 2nd Week

Let’s continue with our Hypertrophy Routine, now onto the Chest-Leg 2nd Week, there is still a third one coming. Stay tuned!

As always, before revealing the routine, let’s have a look at some concepts and ideas. As we advance on this hypertrophy macrocycle made up of to strength mesocycles, we will get closer to pure hypertrophy with this Chest-Leg routine. Thus, we will finish off with the Full-Body cycle.

What are the Newbie Gains?

According to the introduction chapter about the Hypertrophy Routine, we are to talk about why many users that start working out achieve incredible results in a very short time. In fact, the gains are almost exponential depending on the days they go to the gym in terms of strength, size, volume, muscle mass…

These are the so-called “Newbie Gains”. This is one of the factors that make people get hooked on weightlifting. In fact, people even think that they will never stop as the progress and evolution tend to be positive. Fools… ;(

Man looking at himself in a mirror at the gym

During the first few weeks, months or even year (not years…), we will also “lose fat and gain muscle”

All of this happens for a simple reason: the Adaptation Principle

Some people have never done intense physical exercise. Therefore, getting up from the sofa and going to the gym will cause a huge impact on their metabolism. Particularly, it will affect the nervous system.

When there is a new stimulus, the body proceeds to produce a response. In that case, even with a weak stimulus, these newbies progress a lot in a very short time. However, as they earn experience, they will also need new stimuli.

Depending on the person, our body will adapt to a type of routine after a few months. New gains are not lineal, which means that we will have to include new resources as well.

Newbie at the gym

You will become strong very early. Unfortunately, you will lose this ability unless you start alternating your training strategy

How to prevent Stagnation?

Planning the workout routine, basically what we are doing now, will prevent this from happening

As we can see, I support new strategies and workout methods. This mainly consists of changing the weight of the exercise, the numbers of reps and/or sets, the rest… We can “play” with all these factors and create new stimuli so that each week will be a “new way of training”.

Push ups on steps

The truth is that I am just guiding you in how to use the tools you already have 🙂

2nd Week Chest-Leg Routine Scheme

1st Day – Leg
2nd Day – Chest
3rd Day – Rest
4th Day – Leg
5th Day – Chest
6th Day – Active Rest
7th Day – Cardio: HIIT

2nd Week Hypertrophy Routine

Day 1: Leg
1) Activation: Reverse Lunge without touching the floor: 5 sets with 10 reps (per leg) – 90s
2) Squat: “Ascending-Descending Pyramid”
  • 15x[50%] – 90s
  • 12x[+5kg] – 90s
  • 9x[+10kg] – 75s
  • 6x[+20kg] – 60s
  • 9x[-10kg] – 60s
  • 12x[-5x] – 75s
  • 15x[-5x]
3) Lying Unilateral Femoral Curl: 4 sets – 60s [RiR-2, increasing the load]
4) Sumo Deadlift::4 sets – 90s [RiR-2, increasing the load]
5) Abdomen: Ab Rollout: 4 sets with 10 – 60s
Day 2: Chest
1) Activation: Clapping push ups: 3×10 – 60s
2) Incline Bench Press: 4 sets – 90s
  • 15x[30% of Bench Press]
  • 12x[+10%]
  • 10x[+10%]
  • 8x[+5%]
3) Chest pull ups: 6 sets with 6 reps – 60s
4) SuperSet with Decline Bench Press + 45º Row with dumbbells: 3 sets – 90s [for both: RiR-2, increasing the load]
5) Rack Chin: 3 sets with 15 reps – 75s
6) Curl Arnold: 3 sets with 15 reps [start with moderate weights and gradually increase the load] – 90s
7) Weighted (disk) triceps Dips between benches: 3 sets -75s [RiR-2, increasing the load]
Day 3: Leg
1) Activation: Quadriceps Extension: 2 sets with 25 reps [moderate weight] – 60s
2) Unilateral Press: 5 sets – 2min [RiR-2, increasing the load]
3) Romanian Deadlift with Bar: 3 sets – 2min [RiR-2, increasing the load]
4) Seated Calf Raise: 5 sets with 20 reps – 60s [RiR-1, increasing the load]
5) Myo-Reps: Hack Squat
6) Abdomen: Isometric Plank: 5x [40″ – 20″]
Day 4: Chest
1) Activation:Bradford Press: 3×20 – 60s
2) Military Press: “Ascending-Descending Pyramid”
  • 15x[50%] – 90s
  • 12x[+5%] – 90s
  • 9x[+5%] – 75s
  • 6x[+5%] – 60s
  • 9x[-5%] – 60s
  • 12x[-5%] – 75s
  • 15x[-5%]
3) Triceps Press: 3 sets with 15 reps [start with a 40% of the Bench Press and add +10kg in each set]- 90s
4) Supine Pull Ups: 6 sets with 6 reps – 60s
5) Trapezius muscle: Dumbbell Raises: 4 sets – 75s [for both: RiR-2, increasing the load]
6) Myo-Reps: Dumbbell Frontal Raises

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