Hypertrophy Routine, Chest-Leg. 3rd Week

Hypertrophy Routine, Chest-Leg. 3rd Week

The last week or third week of the Chest-Leg routine (first micro-cycle) from the Hypertrophy Routine

The following weeks will consist of a Full-Body routine, reducing the workout frequency to 3 days. For now, we will maintain our F2 pattern both for the upper and lower body.

As always, we are going to add new things to the routine in order to keep progressing!

Benefits of Unilateral Exercises

They consists of doing a determined exercise exclusively using half of the muscle group that is involved. Therefore, it has many benefits for athletes, more specifically, when it comes to muscle growth. Above all, we are going to use dumbbells instead of bars.

For example: Single Hand Bench Press with Dumbbell VS Bench Press with Bar.

There are many exercises that can be adapted to this style:

  • Single Hand Press
  • Single Hand Row
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Pull ups
  • Push ups

Moreover, we can use any element for this purpose: bar, dumbbell, kettlebell, straps, our own body weight…

Single Hand Push Ups

Single Hand Push Ups

Why train Unilaterally?

Our hypertrophy routine can be combined with any strategy that will help us improve and progress. Using unilateral exercises and movements provides a series of benefits that we should take advantage. But let’s not forget about our main objective: gaining muscle mass.

  • Strengthening the core
  • Correcting muscle imbalances and weakness
  • Stimulating the muscle activation
  • Prevent injuries
  • Enhance isolated exercises
  • Possible solution against stagnation
One of the first feelings when we perform unilateral exercises (like a single hand press) is the activation of the core. Therefore, we will indirectly working with the stabilizing muscles.

Most of us has muscle imbalances but we do not notice because we train “bilaterally”. In this case, our own body tries to correct this issue or compensate it. However, this can increase the risk of injury in the long term or result in incorrect movement patterns. Using unilateral exercises in our hypertrophy routine can actually solve this problem.

Another benefit will be that these movements will help us perform daily tasks when we have to lift or push with one hand.

Change the Grip and Angles

Apart from training unilaterally, another important aspect for any routine would be changing both the grip (bar, dumbbell) as well as the angle.

Why change the grip and angle of the exercises? This strategy will produce a new stimulus which will contribute to our progression and muscle growth. This is due to the fact that the limiting factor does not come from the exercise itself, rather, it comes from our grip strength.

Tip -> need to work on the grip strength  😉

In other cases, it can be due to lowering the risk of injury or avoid overcharging a joint. The next one that comes to mind is the shoulder, with a neutral grip in pull ups, we will avoid pinching.

Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell Row with Reverse Grip

Chest Leg Third Week Routine Scheme

1st Day – Chest
2nd Day – Leg
3rd Day – Rest
4th Day – Chest
5th Day – Leg
6th Day – Active Rest
7th Day – Cardio: HIIT

Hypertrophy Routine 3rd Week

Day 1: Chest

1) Activation: Clapping Push Ups: 3×10 – 60s
2) Bench Press: a+b
  • a) Let’s do sets of 5 reps with a 40-50-60-70-80% – 90s
  • b) Power SuperSet: 5 sets – 2 min
  • 3x Bench Press [90%] + 6x Supine L Pull Ups
3) Reverse Grip 45º Row: 5 sets – 60s [RiR-2, increasing the load]
4) SuperSet: 6 rounds – 60s between sets, 90s between rounds [RiR-2, increasing the load]
  • Odd Sets -> Neutral Grip Dumbbell Bench Press
  • Even Sets -> Dumbbell Row
5) Complete 100x Chest Dips -> 10 in 10 – 60s (do the dips, then the curl and rest)
  • *between rounds -> 10x Z Bar Curl [RiR-1, increasing the load]

Day 2: Leg

1) Activation: Jump Squats::5×10 – 60s
2) Frontal Squats: a+b
  • a) Do sets of 5 reps with a 40-50-60-70-80% – 90s
  • b) Power SuperSet: 5 sets – 2 min
  • 3x Frontal Squats [90%] + 6/6x Reverse Dumbbell Lunges [30+30kg]
3) Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 5 sets – 90s
  • 15x [50% of Deadlift]
  • 15x [+10%]
  • 15x [+10%]
  • 12x [+10%]
  • 10x [+10%]
4) Calf Raises with bar: 3 rounds – 90s [RiR-2, increasing the load]
  • Feet Raises Pointing Outwards (45º) + Frontal Feet Raises + Feet Raises Pointing Inwards [100/120kg]
5) Nordic Hamstring Curl: 3 sets – 60s [RiR-2, increasing the load]
6) Abdomen: Weighted Isometric Plank [disk 20kg] – Accumulate 3 min (every time we rest, stop the timer; do that until you accumulate 3 minutes.)

Day 3: Chest

1) Activation: Clapping Push Ups: 5×5 – 30s
2) Military Press: a+b
  • a) Do sets of 5 reps with 40-50-60-70-80% – 90s
  • b) Power SuperSet::5 sets – 2 min
  • 3x Military Press [90%] + 6x Chest Pull Ups
3) T Row: 5 sets – 90s [RiR-2, increasing the load]
4) Behind the Back Barbell Shrugs: 4 sets – 75s [RiR-2, increasing the load]
5) SuperSet: 3 rounds – 60s [RiR-1, increasing the load]
  • Dumbbell Frontal Raises + Lateral Raises with Dumbbells [10+10kg]
6) SuperSet::3 rounds – 60s [RiR-1, increasing the load]
  • Hammer Curl + Triceps Dips

Day 4: Leg

1) Activation: Complete 30x Lunges (per leg)
2) Press: 3 rounds – 60s between sets, 90s between rounds  [RiR-2, increasing the load]
  • Odd Rounds -> Feet with Wide Position
  • Even Rounds -> Feet with Narrow Position
3) SuperSet: 3 rounds – 90s
  • 12x Sumo Squat [60% Squat] + Good Mornings [RiR-2, increasing the load]
4) SuperSet: 3 rounds – 90s
  • 10/10x Reverse Lunges [40% Squat] + 10x Romanian Deadlift with Dumbbells [30+30kg]
5) SuperSet: 3 rounds – 90s [for both: RiR-1, increasing the load]
  • Quadriceps Extension [50kg] + Femoral Curl
6) Myo-Reps: Seated Calf Raises
7) Abdomen: Ab Rollout::4 sets with 15 reps – 45s

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