NADH – A supplement to stimulate the metabolism

NADH – A supplement to stimulate the metabolism

NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that is present in the whole body and which supports our well-being by improving our health in general.

What is NADH?

NADH is a chemical compound made from nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide an hydrogen (H).

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is present in all living cells and it is very important to provide energy to the organism.

All in all, it is a chemical compound present in the muscle tissue cells of living beings. Moreover, it is crucial when it comes to processing fatty alcohols, carbohydrates and protein.

It was discovered in 1906 by two British biochemists. During the last decade, researchers have been studying it in more depth. Actually, they have found out that it related to sirtuins, which are involved in the aging process and cell death. Sirtuins also affect the metabolism, help to reduce the inflammation and increase our resistance to stress.

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Niacin is a vitamin which makes up part of the B group complex. In fact, it is one of the essential nutrients in living beings. Actually, the body transforms niacin into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and then to energy.

Important: Check this out Before Buying

NADH is a compound with unparalleled antioxidant power, but in order to exert that power, it has to be in good condition, right?.

The reality is that the NADH you buy on the market doesn’t have the power it should have, so you’re paying more than you should in any case, as your NADH is likely to be degraded.

Why does this happen?

Because NADH very easily “captures” molecules that negatively affect the compound, as it is such an antioxidant, it captures oxidants from the environment, even before you can ingest it, so it has “exhausted” its power before you consume it and it will have no effect on you.
To be able to deal with this, companies have to study and invest money in the development of a real quality product, HSN is the clear example of a transparent company that offers you a superior quality NADH.


This is achieved through the use of Panmol®, a patent that immediately after creating the NADH, microencapsulates it with a double protection system so that all handling of the compound, during manufacture and in your own home, does not affect the compound, as the negative compounds do not come into contact with the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.


HSN’s NADH offers a product with integrity and guaranteed shelf life stability, unlike other brands on the market. Trust quality at the right price.

Function of NADH

Many people lack energy. They feel constantly tired and without strength. In these cases, NADH will be a great choice to provide them energy.

Nutrition specialists advise NADH to get more energy and increase our vitality naturally. Moreover, NADH also improves the focus and mood as well as decreasing the fatigue caused by jet lag.

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Properties of NADH for health

Some of its most remarkable benefits are:

  • Increasing the energy
  • Improving the brain and mental functions
  • Lowering a high blood pressure
  • Reducing the cholesterol
  • Buffering the signs of aging
  • Increasing the functioning of the immune system
  • Stimulating the metabolism
  • Treating the symptoms of chronic fatigue
  • Relieving the symptoms of depression
  • Dealing with the symptoms of jet lag

Uses of NADH

Increasing the energy of the body

NADH is crucial to produce ATP, which is basically cell energy. That is why NADH dietary supplements are quite effective to treat chronic fatigue syndrome.

There was a recent double blind study with patients who suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome. A group took 10mg of NADH once a day for four weeks and the other group took a placebo.

The result was that those patients who took NADH experienced an energy increase of a 31% when compared to the placebo group. Therefore, it improved their quality of life in general and decreased the symptoms of tiredness.

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Strengthening the immune system

Many people take niacin in order to strengthen their immune system, which is a quality that few people actually know about.

Despite this lack of knowledge, NADH is vital to defend the cells against all types of attacks. In fact, the white cells, more specifically the macrophages, use this chemical compound to fight against strange bodies. For instance, bacteria, spores and viruses.

After being attacked, the macrophages produce a lot of hydrogen peroxide and superoxide in a process known as “oxidative burst”.

During said process, NADH destroys the strange bodies that threaten the organism. That is why it is so important to have enough reserves of this compound. Otherwise, our white cells will not be able to perform their function.



Stimulating the brain function and memory

NADH has many more benefits for the functioning of the brain. A clinical study proved that taking it on a daily basis enhance the brain function in people who suffer Alzheimer. Although the study is not concluding, it is proof of its enormous potential against mental deterioration and to improve the memory.

Another clinical study used NADH as a treatment against Parkinson.

The benefits of niacin against this disease have been more clearly proven. Because the scientists have managed to prove how NADH supplements increase the brain dopamine levels naturally while relieving the symptoms of this disease.

One of the researchers from this team started to recommended NADH to patients with degenerative diseases.

Moreover, healthy people can use NADH supplements to increase the niacin levels from their body. Consequently, it will strengthen the memory and improve the brain function.

Regulating the cholesterol and blood pressure

A recent study on hypertensive rats showed how a small daily dose of NADH reduced their cholesterol and blood pressure. Even if the study is not concluding, there are more studies being performed on human beings to asses its benefits for the blood pressure and cholesterol.

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Who can benefit from NADH?

  • Hypertensive patients
  • Alzheimer or Parkinson patients
  • Those who suffer chronic fatigue syndrome
  • People who suffer depression
  • All those who have high cholesterol levels
  • Athletes who want to improve their sport performance
  • People who want to gain strength and vigor
  • Those who want to improve their memory or brain function
  • All those who want to reduce the signs of aging

Contraindications of NADH

There are no known contraindications or side effects of NADH, as long as we take the recommended dose. However, each body has a different chemical composition and their effects can be different as well.


Although there are no known interactions, you should always consult your doctor before taking NADH supplements.

Moreover, the more medicines we take the higher the risk of triggering interactions.

Some people can feel altered after taking a very high dose of NADH, but these symptoms disappear by reducing the dose.

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Recommended dose NADH

Usually, NADH is available in capsule format. Moreover, it is not necessary to take it every single day. It is advisable to take it on an empty stomach and with a glass of water in order to stimulate the metabolism even more.

The recommended dose is between 5 and 10mg a day. Actually, the products sold in the market tend to have this dose.

Nevertheless, there are some brands that use doses between 2.5mg or 20mg.

Benefits of taking NADH supplements

Benefits of NADH


NADH supplements have many benefits for our health, among which we want to highlight the following:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving the brain function
  • Stimulating the metabolism
  • Increasing the memory
  • Reducing the symptoms of the chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Increasing the vigor of our organism
  • Lowering the blood pressure
  • Reducing the cholesterol
  • Delaying cell aging
  • Energizing
  • Relieving the symptoms of depression
  • Strengthening our health in general


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