L-Carnitine and Omega-3: The Perfect Couple

L-Carnitine and Omega-3: The Perfect Couple

L-Carnitine is a classic sport supplement. However, it may be that some of its functions may have gone unnoticed for some of you, until now! Combining L-Carnitine and Omega-3 will create a synergy that can be quite interesting. Many people have already try out this combo to benefit from its properties for weight loss, among others. Would you like to find out more?

Why combine Carnitine and Omega-3?

Carnitine is an amino acid that is obtained from lysine and methionine. There are several forms of this amino acid available, such as acetyl-L-carnitine and L-carnitine tartrate. Unless we say so, every time you see the word “Carnitine” in this article, we will be referring to L-carnitine tartrate.

There are more and more athletes who are learning that you can heighten the effects of L-Carnitine by combining it with Omega-3 fish oil. A combination that helps to absorb more Carnitine in the muscles, while the Omega-3 fatty acids support each cell of the body (more info).

The result? Your health markers and physical performance will improve as you lose fat

Taking this L-Carnitine with Omega-3 softgels is a simple way of losing fat while increasing your energy levels.

Not in vain, one of the most important properties of Carnitine is its ability to increase the muscle energy reserves. Your quality of life will improve since you will lose weight and feel more energized!


Write down the effects of this synergy!

  • Improving the work capacity at a high intensity.
  • Improving the athletic performance.
  • Shortening the post-workout recovery.
  • Preventing oxidative stress which can trigger cardiovascular problems, chronic inflammation or diabetes.
  • Supporting the functioning of the brain.

Recent studies show what everyone already knows:

Its effects on the sport performance are remarkable

At the same time, it will enhance other properties. For example:

  • Using for fatty acids as energy.
  • Saving glycogen.
  • Improving the hormone response.
  • Getting rid of the lactate produced in the muscle.

L-Carnitine to…

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of increasing the Carnitine levels for your health. Above all, we want to highlight the fact that it can improve your physical composition. Let’s go!

Lose Fat

Would you like to enjoy the effects of Carnitine in your organism? Then, make sure to have enough Omega-3.

If you want to benefit from the properties of Carnitine, you will have to take it with insulin in order to improve its absorption.

But, what about Omega-3 fatty acids? They will help to improve and support your cell health.

Depending on what you eat, these cells are going to be made up of two types of lipids, either “good” or “bad fats”.

When the layers of fat are made up of Omega-3, you will improve your health by increasing the insulin sensitivity.

Anthropomorphic measurements


This results in your cells being able to take advantage of Carnitine when it comes to its absorption and storage in the body.

Carnitine tartrate and Omega-3: Weight loss à la carte

We need to go through this point if we want to use supplementation properly.

A good use of L-Carnitine tartrate and Omega-3 by obese people can help to stimulate the use of fatty acids, resulting in weight loss.

Carnitine is the transport system used by long chain fatty acids inside the cells. Consequently, having low levels of carnitine means that we will have less energy available.

The thing is that the fatty acid transport results in its storage in specific deposits instead of being oxidized as energy.

What does this mean? That increasing the carnitine levels stimulates the fat-burning processes of the body and the metabolism. You will feel energized, motivated while losing fat!

Belly fat

Its accumulation goes beyond being a cosmetic problem, since it can have negative effects on our metabolism.

Having a lot of fat in the belly means that it can also accumulate in the organs of that area, such as the heart and liver as well as the muscle tissue.

Belly fat


That is why increasing this amino acid will help you deal with the accumulation of belly fat. Carnitine will help you get rid of triglycerides and “bad” cholesterol, that is, low density lipoproteins (LDL).

Then, what are its most important effects? Regulating the cholesterol and preventing atherosclerosis.

Improve the Performance

A study concluded that we can increase the muscle Carnitine content through the diet. After increasing its deposits, the metabolism will depend on the intensity of the physical activity, resulting in an effective use of energy for the performance.


Even though taking carbohydrates is always a good choice, using Omega-3 will encourage the use of this susbtance.

Increasing the Work Capacity

Increasing the Carnitine deposits will improve the work capacity.

Running on the beach

This is due to the effects of this amino acid, which will produce more energy. Consequently, it will increase the work capacity by decreasing the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.

Shorten the Recovery

Take Carnitine if you want to shorten the recovery after a high intensity workout. In addition, it will relieve the muscle soreness and damage, you will definitely feel more energized!



Improve the Cognition

The formula known as Acetyl-L-Carnitine has a series of properties for the brain activity, improving its functions. Therefore, it is an ideal supplements if you want to lose weight but also to stay motivated to do exercise.

Prevent Diabetes and Improve the Insulin Response

Increasing the Carnitine levels helps to deal with the effects of diabetes because this amino acid has incredible antioxidant properties. Consequently, it helps to eliminate the free radicals which buffers the oxidative stress.

Glucose test


Improve Male Fertility

Having proper Carnitine levels is indispensable for male fertility, since it is related to the quality and health of the spermatozoa.

What is the recommended dose for this combination?

The key to improve the insulin sensitivity and to lose fat with Carnitine consists of:

Taking a 1:5 Carnitine and Omega-3 ratio approximately

If you want to see the results, include this pattern in your diet regularly.

It has been proven that it can regulate the androgen receptors after three weeks and lower the triglycerides after three months. However, the intra-muscular Carnitine levels do not increase after taking it for 6 months. So do not give up too soon or you will not be able to experience its benefits.

Now you know all the benefits (read more) of combining L-Carnitine and Omega-3. Try them out for yourself!


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L-Carnitine and Omega-3

Shorten the recovery - 97%

Improve the sport performance - 98%

Lose abdominal fat - 100%

Prevent diabetes - 93%


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