10 Benefits of Running

10 Benefits of Running

We set out the principal benefits of running.

No other form of exercise is as easy to practice as running. And apart from being fun, it has a number of benefits for our body, from improving our physical condition to aiding cognitive function.

The majority of physical activity is beneficial for your health, so why choose running?

We’re not suggesting you run a marathon, but that you add few runs a week into your routine, and vary how you do it: LISS, MISS, and HIIT.

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Accessible, Easy and Economical

Running 1

Running is an intrinsic skill of human beings.

As soon as we start walking, we’re ready to “sprint”, even if it is only a few “centimetres”. As we grow up, and without receiving any guidelines, we’re able to start jogging, maintain a rhythm, or even, for the more advanced, increase the intensity.

You know how easy it is to run, but I have one very important recommendation for you: choose your shoes well

Physical Condition

Running is an activity that improves physical condition. Specifically, our VO2MAX threshold. Shoes

This parameter tells us how efficient we are at using oxygen.

Today, having a low VO2MAX is a sign of possible illnesses and pathologies, diabetes, risk of heart disease…

So, the better the VO2MAX the better the performance.

Now that you know that, you can get started as soon as possible, but first have a look at Beginners Guide to Running

Cardiovascular Health


Another great benefit of running is that, being an aerobic exercise, it keeps our cardiovascular system in shape.

It reduces blood pressure, meaning it increases the elasticity of arteries and capillaries to expand and contract more effectively.

Keeping our heart in optimal condition is a matter of consistency.

You can always get a “gap” in your schedule for a run. Sometimes, if you can’t run on the street, running on a treadmill can be an option

Releases Endorphins


Do you the expression “a runner’s high”?

Well, it basically references experiencing a pleasant sensation after having a run. And it’s due to the release of endorphins. These substances reduce the perception of pain and produce a feeling of calm and well-being.

One of the most important benefits of running…

Want to feel like that? Sport is a mechanism for releasing endorphins, the happiness hormones.

Reduces Stress

Outdoor 1

Benefits of running outside…

Running can be the best therapy for preventing any tension, fear, anxiety or similar… and for giving you “slap in the face”. You can help prevent these feelings by “running away” and going for a run in the open air.

Sun exposure, as a result, will be very positive too, as it allows you to synthesise vitamin D and impacts upon your mood.

If you get the opportunity, don’t miss out on experiencing the unique peaceful sensation of running on the beach

Weight Control

Control weight

Although our recommendation is to do strength training as a pillar, running is an excellent complement.

This activity will contribute to increase the daily caloric expenditure, so if you combine a correct training and nutritional plan, you will achieve satisfactory results.

It’s not a question of always running at the same pace or the same distance. The key is in the variability. You can do fartlek (speed games) or interval intensity training (HIIT)

Compliment to Other Sports

Aerobic capacity

Running improves lung capacity while strengthening the heart, another of the top benefits of running…

This is transferable to any other physical activity or sport, as is the case with CrossFit. You can lift a lot of kilos on the bar, but you then need ideal metabolic conditioning to face a wod.

Curious about CrossFit? Let me fill you in on how to start training, your level will at least be as high as this



Set a goal, establish a plan, prepare for it, and get it! As in any other facet of life, we need to look for challenges or encouragement (if not, what’s the point?). If you’ve never run, your goal is to do so for 10 minutes. If you already have experience, look for a personal record on the 5km. If you want competition, go for an average. If your ambition knows no limits, go for that 42km!

How to prepare for your first marathon?

Cognitive Benefits

Run brain

Many runners feel better able to concentrate in their jobs, above all if they are cognitive in nature, and even improve their mental capacity. Aerobic activity produces benefits for the brain as it promotes the function of the hippocampus and stimulates neuroplasticity, as well as serving as a neuroprotector and slowing down cognitive decline.

Benefits of physical exercise on the brain


Running road

After physical activity, there’s a response in body temperature, cortisol level and excitement, but there’s also a release of hormones, as already mentioned, which tend to reduce anxiety, stress or depression, meaning we can get to sleep faster and for longer, leading to better rest.

Do you know the benefits of sleep for muscle recovery?

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