The best Supplements for Fitness

The best Supplements for Fitness

Everyone reading this knows that sport supplements are useful when it comes to making up for a deficiency in our diet. Above all, they are not meant to replace any food. A good nutrition combined with supplementation will help you achieve your goals. That is why we have created this post to talk about the best supplements for Fitness.

A supplement on its own cannot do miracles by any means. In fact, it will be pointless to take supplementation if the diet is not as good as it could be.

It will also be pointless if your training routine is not as intense and effective as it should be. You will not progress just by taking any supplement.

But if your diet is adequate and your workout is well-planned, you can take advantage of a wide rage of quality products that you can find in our HSN online store. Depending on your objective, you will need supplements to recover, increase your strength or energy, help you burn fat, or provide nutrients to gain muscle to name a few.


We have gathered a list with the best sport supplements to do fitness. Each one will be better or worse depending on the quality and the amount of nutrients from its formula. Nevertheless, these are the ones that will help us the most when it comes to doing fitness.

The Best Supplements for Fitness


To put it simply, it is a protein isolate or concentrate, from milk, egg, soy… Thanks to this product, we can provide an extra protein supply to the body in order to gain muscle (around 2g x kilo of body weight)


It is a nitrogen acid located in the muscles and nerve cells. There are several types, for instance: Kre Alkalyn, Ethyl Ester, Monohydrate, which are used to delay the fatigue, increase the strength and muscle mass and even to improve the anaerobic exercise.

Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAA's

They are essential amino acids that we must take from the diet and which provide some energy to the muscle when we perform intense workouts. Consequently, they help us avoid catabolism while improving the protein synthesis.

Mineral supplements and/or Multivitamins

We need a proper supply of micronutrients, specially if we follow an intense workout routine like fitness. Above all, this supplement meet the minimal requirements of these substance for the body, specially if the diet is poor in vegetables and fruit.


This is the most common amino acid in the muscles and it is used to synthesize proteins. It will help us regenerate the damaged muscle fibers during an intense fitness routine. Moreover, it also has anti-catabolic properties that will help us preserve the muscle while dieting.


CLA is one of the most effective natural fat burners. It stimulates the metabolism and blocks the fat transport to the adipose cells. Instead, it helps to transport it to the mitochondria where they are used to produce energy.

Green Tea

You can take it either in capsules or infusions. Apart from helping to burn fat, this ingredient also has a great antioxidant content to keep the free radicals that we produce during an intense workout under control. It also lowers the cholesterol and, consequently, the risk of suffering a cardiovascular disease.

Essential Fatty Acids

They tend to come in capsules. Basically, this supplements supports the energy production while increasing the blood oxygenation, improving the immune system and regulating the blood pressure and the nervous system.

Thermogenics and/or Fat Burners

These ones will not work unless we follow a strict diet combined with an intense workout routine and cardio. They have been specially designed to support fat-burning processes during a cutting phase.


An stimulant that it available in many different formats. Actually, it is one of the most commonly used stimulants. But it also has a fat-burning effect since it stimulates the metabolism, improving our physical performance.

Omega 3

The clinical studies about omega 3 have proven that it can help to prevent cardiovascular diseases. This is due to the fact that it can regulate the blood pressure and lower the cholesterol, apart from relieving joint pain, migraines and depression. Moreover, all these properties are very important for athletes. Not in vain, it has also proven to enhance the athletic performance.

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