Motivation to Train

Motivation to Train

In this article, we want to give you a little bit of strength and motivation!

Through the following points, I’m hoping to help you reflect a little on yourselves. And after reading them, I hope you’ll be able to find some motivation.

Motivation 1

Sport as an exhaust valve

Everything is focused on training as a mechanism of evasion for any existing problem, and in the short but intense period of time you spend doing your favourite sport there’s a great relief, and at the same time it becomes a way to find balance in your life.

Sport valve escape

If you’re able to establish a high-performance sports routine, you’ll be able to overcome any obstacle that comes your way

Look for your own motivation

Whether you’re super experienced or just starting out in the world of training and exercise, I hope you take note of these words.

They’re based mostly on my own experience, and thanks to them I’ve managed to find my own motivation, the guide on my journey, helping me to avoid giving up and to be more positive, more dynamic, stronger!

Self motivation

Nobody said it was easy, but it is worth it!

You’re not alone

I‘ve started with this point because if you want to start sports and nutrition planning, you need to understand the fundamentals of the processes, as a minimum.

If you’re short on time, you can always call on the help and opinion of an expert or professional, who’ll really help you reach your goal.

Sport planning

But if you’re more curious, you can look for yourself, without forgetting to be critical of the extensive information that exists, understanding the controversies that can exists between the sources.

Set your goal

There’s nothing more to it that setting your target or what you intend to achieve with your training.

Are you wanting a summer body? Are you preparing for a competition? Are you training for a test?

Everything is possible and accepted as it’s all subjective, and therefore based on the interests of each person.

Motivation target

The objectives of each person are completely different, but they all deserve the same treatment, the same respect

This doesn’t mean that one goal or the other is less relevant within a global vision, because if someone wants to improve their physical appearance, and another person’s goal is to compete in powerlifting, both will share a determination that’ll help them get the best of themselves.

Be realistic

This related to the previous point, and is important for both of the example targets, because before starting the preparation, we’ll always be starting from a more or less privileged position, in terms of our condition that will allow us to perform and subsequently obtain results.

Everyone needs to evaluate their own level and whether or not the target they’re setting is achievable.

Be realistic

Nobody starts lifting 100kg on the bench, so go slow and steady!

It might seem frustrating, but, on the contrary, it’s necessary to be realistic in order to achieve each objective you set, and little by little, to overcome barriers that allow to continue advancing

When there’s a will there’s a way

To reach our target, we need to work with a view to achieving our objectives and giving the best of ourselves

If you’ve given 100 per cent, no-one can reproach you for anything, and whether you win or lose, or if you’re just within touching distance of your goal, you can be proud of your achievement. And that’s something no one can take away from you.

Mind prevails over the body

The mind prevails over the body. If your thinking is positive, all your actions will be directed towards the same path of progression and eventual success

Have a routine

This is key to all success

Both in terms of consistency and sacrifice. Establish a method to act as your guide, something to be the base of all your actions, perfectly planned out before with the aim of achieving your best performance, efficiency and ultimate success.


If you want to reach your target, spend time planning your routine.

Nobody knows better than you how your body functions, what it’s best suited to, or how it trains… and all of this alongside your availability, diary, distribution of activity, rest time…

If it doesn’t work, change it!

This goes both for the more experienced and for beginners, who shouldn’t have to make the mistake

When you’ve been doing the same thing for a long time, sometimes it doesn’t bear the fruit you expected, even with having organised all the the preparations and plan. Often if you’re not ambitious enough in the first phase, this will be reflected in the results.

Trial error

Trial and error, an essential tactic for any activity in life, and we’re more intelligent for it: we learn how to correct and improve

But if you see that it’s not working, why not change things up? Don’t lose any more time – reorganise and start again, it’ll never be a step backwards because you learn from mistakes, and it’s experience that you can use to move forward, and even to help others with.

Training groups

Something I never used to do… it was always me on my own, training alone. It wasn’t bad, but I always lacked the company of someone, a partner, singular or plural, that could help me along, and that I could help in return.

Together we can

Starting a training group is one of the best moves I’ve made in my sporting life. It helps you progress together, each one motivating the other to keep on at it

If you can surround yourself with people with the same habits, philosophy and interests, you’re going to do well

Create a Training Diary

One incredibly useful thing to do is to have your training sessions collected in a diary

Having a diary to note down all your daily battles can help you progress much further than you would without one. It allows you to keep track of your progress, the weights lifted in each session… you’ll be able to see your weak points at a glance, and focus your training accordingly in one way or another.

Diary training

After a while, look at the first few pages and see the progress your made. Your own effort will be your travel companion.

Have fun

This is fundamental in my philosophy

Alongside the search for better performance or body shape, don’t forget that it’s an activity, one which plays a big role in your lift, meaning, in the majority of cases, that it’s a lifestyle.

Fun training

It’s therefore essential that you don’t see it as an activity that you have to struggle through, which is what normally happen… but it’s all a sacrifice to reach your end prize!

You need to look for the formula that provides us with «hours of fun» together with «hours of suffering», the latter being understood as something related to that action-reaction, that is, I suffer, since training itself, in high intensities, does make us suffer, but it has a great reward


A great virtue

Don’t become overwhelmed by the journey. Fitness is a long-distance race, don’ try to speed up any process, as this could work against you. The results will come, you just have to pay attention to the 3 most important factors:

Training + Nutrition + Rest


If you follow these «rules», you’re sure to be on the right track. If you’re deficient in one, you already know… it’ll have to be corrected

With all the above, I hope to have expressed my point of view, personally, about what I think you can do to better whatever your target is, and I hope you’ll put it into practice, see your evolution reflected in the mirror, and be able to improve every day

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Planning - 100%

Enjoying what you do - 100%

Realistic goals - 100%

In good company - 100%

When there's a will there's a way - 100%


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