5 Mistakes to Avoid when Training at Home

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Training at Home

Lately, there has been a lot of information floating around about how to do exercise at home. However, we feel like it is necessary to know what mistakes to avoid when training at home.

Training during Quarantine

There are some weeks of confinement left. But we still have time to stay active in the most coherent and healthiest way possible, without risking our health or objectives.

Like we previously mentioned on the previous article, regardless of your goals before the quarantine, it is time to exclusively focus on having a good physical level and nutrition accordingly.

Try not to lose what you have gained before, but do not go too far with the workouts.

In this situation, we are witnessing how many people do different daily workouts randomly, without following a plan.

In addition, there are many people who are inexperienced, meaning: bad technique, overtraining, higher risk of injury.

So make sure to write down the 5 Mistakes you should Avoid when Training at Home!

Increasing your Workout Volume

Doing exercise at home is a great way of staying active, having fun and staying in shape. You cannot go from 0 to 100 in just a few weeks!

Jump rope

Do not forget about the Progression Principle that drives any workout plan.

So, if you did exercise 2 days a week before the quarantine, do not exercise every day now.

Instead, increase the frequency progressively and try to alternate relaxing activities with others that are more demanding.

You have the Chance to Choose Wisely

One of the biggest tendencies of human behavior in the digital world is to pick the workouts according to the number of followers.

Dumbbell workout at home

That is a common mistake that you should avoid.

We need to take a few things into account before choosing the right routine on the other side of the screen:

  • Make sure that the instructor is a qualified and experienced professional (this has nothing to do with having a good body).
  • See if the exercises follow a logical progression with a technical explanation of how to do them.
  • They should offer different exercise options and/or variations according to the level of the participants.
  • Moreover, they should warn about the potential dangers of the activity.
Having a good physical shape and having followers should not be the only thing to consider when following an online workout.

Do not forget that the objective is to improve and maintain our physical condition. Above all, focus on learning the right way to do the exercises without risking your health.

Training as if you were in Competition Period

Like we mentioned in the previous article, most of the competitions have been cancelled or postponed.

That is why the workout should not be focused on reaching your peak form.

In other words, you should have a realistic objective due to the current circumstances and limitations (space, materials…).

Push ups

Also, let’s not forget that there is an added stress factor due to the current situation.

Perhaps you are working from home, the uncertainty, a lack of daily physical activity, not being able to go out, etc.

Neglecting your Calorie Intake and Rest

We can approach this situation from two different points of view. Our attitude will allow us to take advantage and/or benefit from it.

Being bored, a lack of physical exercise, a bad shopping list, spending long hours sitting can increase our weight (fat mass) during this period.

However, it is actually a perfect moment to start following food habits and to improve the quality of what we eat.

The fact that we eat at home means that we can cook healthier meals and plan our weekly menu.

Many eat unhealthy products on a daily basis or at work. For example, ultra-processed products in vending machines.

Home workout

Following better habits, purchasing high quality products, learning how to cook, setting an eating schedule… These are some of thing we can do to follow a healthier diet and avoid gaining fat.

In addition, you can sleep as much as you need in order to regulate the metabolic and hormone systems.

Sessions you are still not ready for

Not planning the weekly sessions and/or workout may end up to sessions you are still not ready for.

That is why you have to be objective when it comes to distributing this type of sessions. Consequently, we will not overstimulate the organism or the nervous system.

In addition, it will help us prevent injuries and muscle soreness due to a bad technique, overuse, incorrect exercise patterns, etc.

Abs workout

Even though there is plenty of time to work out, we need to follow a logical adaptation period. Be aware of your current physical condition and fitness level.


As you can see, these 5 points may be a little bit obvious. Still, they are 5 of the most common mistakes people do when training at home right now.

Cycling at home

There is still time to do things right and come out stronger and healthier than we were before!

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