CrossFit Workouts with Dumbbells

CrossFit Workouts with Dumbbells

In this article I «challenge» you to finish my 5 CrossFit Workouts with Dumbbells. The only equipment: a pair of dumbbells.

«To have two dumbbells is to have a treasure»

This is how many fitness enthusiasts in recent weeks will have felt.

However, once «normality» has been restored and we can train again in the gym, it’s time to get back in shape.

If you have not yet decided to go to your «temple» or prefer to continue using those dumbbells that accompanied you during confinement, this post may interest you.

How to do them

You know that CrossFit workouts are called «WOD», i.e. «Workout of the Day». In principle, you can take it as the only training of the day or as a «Finisher».

Performing your strength or hypertrophy routine, and if you want to introduce a new boost to kickstart your performance or metabolic conditioning, or simply «burn» more calories, it’s perfect.


What do we need?

I mentioned it at the beginning: a pair of dumbbells; the hexagonal and rubber type are recommended.

Although if you have iron ones, no worries, it’s more authentic!

Dumbbell weights can be varied and adjusted to the individual level. However, my recommendation would be for women: between 8-12kg and men: 20-30kg.

Why Dumbbells?

It’s quite likely that after a period of home training, where these fitness tools have been your companions and with which you’ve created a special bond, you’ll want to continue enjoying them.

Well, that’s the emotional part. Now I’ll explain the technique.

Crossfit or WODS workouts are based on high intensity exercise. In them, an important component is the power we are able to transmit.

If you’ve always liked some of CrossFit’s most popular WODS, but haven’t done a «snatch» or «clean and jerk»; using the dumbbells we can «experience» these same sensations with the technique or execution of the movement being a little more accessible to most.

What better way to show them your gratitude than to carry out these CrossFit training with dumbbells!

WOD Isabel with Dumbbells

Complete by Time
  • 30x Dumbbell Squat Snatch

WOD Grace with Dumbbells

Complete by Time
  • 30x Dumbbell Clean & Jerk

WOD Elisabeth with Dumbbells

Complete 21 15 9 repetitions
  1. Dumbbell Squat Clean
  2. Dips

Dips can be done with rings (like the official WOD), or, if we do not have these, in TRX, Parallels, or even between benches or a chair.

WOD DT with Dumbbells

Complete 5 Rounds in the Time
  1. 12x Deadlift
  2. 9x Hang Power Clean
  3. 6x Shoulder to Overhead

WOD Linda Extended Version with Dumbbells

From 20 to 1 repetitions
  1. Deadlift
  2. Press Floor
  3. Squat Clean

WOD Kalsu Thruster with Dumbbells

Complete 100x DB Thruster

-At the start of each minute complete 5x Burpees

WOD BPT Faster

Complete 5 Rounds in the Time
  1. 400 metres of «Cardio» (run, row, bike…)
  2. 8x Devil Press

I hope you liked them and you can leave your times in the comments.

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