Saul Craviotto, energy and success with HSN products

Saul Craviotto, energy and success with HSN products

To talk about Olympic medals in Spain is to talk about Saul Craviotto, and talking about the best sports nutrition on the market, you have to talk about HSN. That is why both these pillars have found in the last year and a half a connection of success.

The canoeist is currently the third Spanish sportsman in history with the most medals in the Olympic Games, having won four: two gold, one silver and one bronze. His goal is none other than to catch up with the most successful Spanish athlete in history: David Cal, who has five; and that’s why he has Tokyo on the horizon for 2021.

Saul Craviotto works day by day to reach his maximum performance and our promise at HSN is to assure him the best supplementation, a union that has already made him successful.

What supplements does Saul Craviotto use?

A high level professional includes supplementation as one of their daily needs. Training days need a boost of energy, as well as the best recovery to obtain the desired increase in level. Surpassing oneself day after day is the basis of an athlete!

From HSN we work not only to help top-level athletes like Saul Craviotto in their supplementation, but also to develop new products that meet their different needs.

For this reason, Craviotto himself is always interested in all our supplements, giving his point of view on what a top-level sportsman needs, how to use them and what their main advantages are.

Don’t miss the recommendations he will be giving us soon! It will help you to use HSN supplements according to your needs.

Training Saul Craviotto HSN

Tokyo 2021 target

The athlete never gives up and his goals are based on personal and competitive improvement. The Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games are for Saul Craviotto the great objective of the season

Its importance for the Spanish delegation is based on the possibility of becoming the standard-bearer of the Spanish Olympic team in the opening ceremony.

Why this choice? Because he leads the ranking of national medalists who will attend the Tokyo event. The Spanish Olympic Committee reserves this distinction for the athlete with the greatest sporting recognition at the Olympic events, which is why it only needs to be made official next year.

And what does it mean for an athlete to carry his country’s flag at an event like the Games? A recognition obtained by very few.

Not for want of trying, there have only been 21 Olympic athletes who have carried the Spanish flag in the opening ceremony of a summer Games since 1920.

Which athletes have been the latest standard-bearers for the Spanish Olympic team?

  • David Cal (Peking 2008).
  • Pau Gasol (London 2012).
  • Rafa Nadal (Río de Janeiro 2016).

Saul Craviotto Tokio 2021

Craviotto, a guarantee of competitive success

Far from only winning every four years at the most renowned event in the world of sport, Craviotto is increasing his national and international awards every year in the various categories of canoeing.

What are the merits that adorn his record?

10 medals in World Championships, three of them gold medals in K1 4x200m; achieved in Dartmouth (Canada) 2009, Poznan (Poland) 2010 and Szeged (Hungary) 2011.

In addition to this, there are another 6 medals in European Championships in K2 200m and K4 500m, with another three gold medals: Brandenburg (Germany) 2009 and Belgrade (Serbia) 2018, where he won the top prize in two different specialities.

The rest? Five silver and two bronze medals at World Cups, as well as three more silver medals at European Championships. International recognition achieved since 2008.

Despite this, his two Olympic gold medals at K2 500m (Beijing 2008) and K2 200m (Rio 2016) are his greatest reward. In addition, he won silver at London 2012 (K1 200 metres) and bronze at Rio de Janeiro 2016 in the same discipline.

Guaranteed nutrition in the kitchen too

And if in the water Saul Craviotto is a success story, outside of it he is no less so. The sportsman is a big fan of cooking, a speciality in which he has also won various prizes, so he has found his favourite ingredients in HSN products.

On our blog we are witnesses of this. Not in vain, a few months ago he left us a spectacular recipe of Protein Gazpacho Craviotto style.

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Una publicación compartida de HSN (@hsnstore_es)

Products should be used only as supplements? No, at HSN we go further, as we have authentic ingredients to use daily in the kitchen. If Saul showed us how to further enrich gazpacho nutritionally, in our Fitness Recipes section you can find everything from totally healthy sweet proposals to recipes for following an exclusively Paleo or Gluten Free diet, to give just two examples.

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