Growth, Development and Progress – HSN Opens New Facilities

Growth, Development and Progress – HSN Opens New Facilities

We’re now more than 10 years old, and we’re not stopping. At HSN, we keep evolving and growing to offer you the best Sports Supplementation and Natural Dietetics products, and the best service. We want to show you how we only think of you, the reason for our growth, evolution and progress. In 2020, we’re taking a another step forward! We’re opening new facilities at HSN. More meters to improve our service.

Before we start, we want to remind you how in 2018 we already took a big step forward by starting to manufacture our own products. Our brands came to life (SportSeries, RawSeries, FoodSeries, BioSeries, EssentialSeries), using the best raw materials and under the best quality controls.

Mask Javier Colomer HSN

At HSN we’ve adapted to the new normal. Wear a mask to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Want to know a bit about their backstory? Don’t miss this post! Click here.

10 years of experience in the sector

We have a wealth of experience at HSN. In 2019 we celebrate our 10th anniversary with our online store, from where we have always offered the most competitive prices on the market.

Later we launched the development and manufacture of our own Sports Nutrition and Natural Dietetics products, with which we have positioned ourselves as one of the leaders at a national and international level.

HSN sports in house production

This has enabled us to reach and consolidate ourselves in much of Europe, as well as to set out on the Middle East adventure, where our brands SportSeries, RawSeries, EssentialSeries, BioSeries and FoodSeries are now well-known.

How have we evolved?

Evolution HSN

New facilities

2020 brings something new for our company. Thanks to your commitment to our products, which every day reach more points in Spain and Europe, we need more space to manage the volume of orders we receive every day.

As a result, we’ve added more than 4,200 m² to our facilities, not only expanding our warehouse area, but also our offices, as well as enhancing and modernising the work management of our facilities and loading and unloading points.

Our aim to continue to improve the service to our customers, every day!

What is the aim of our new facilities?

Our aim is always to make life easier for our customers. Increasing our warehouse size gives us greater management capacity and allows for new launches of products and sports supplements

Always developed by our R+D+i department, tested (in the case of sports supplements by top professionals) and created directly in our factory.

Verao HSN

At HSN, we’re always looking at new horizons and aiming to go further. What are yours?

HSN brands now have more room to pass directly from our factory to your home.

Do you know about the new food supplements and natural dietary products from HSN yet? Head over to our online shop to discover them.

We’re the national leader in online sports nutrition and natural dietetics, but we don’t want to stop there. We work every day to offer the best service to our customers on our digital shopping platforms.

Buy on any platform and receive your order in 3/5 working days., with free delivery!

Evogamers new facilities HSN

From the factory to your home

Forget about the middle men. Our products go directly from our factory to our warehouse, and then directly to your home once you’ve made your online order at

In order to be able to handle as many orders as possible, our expansion is not only limited to warehouse space. In the next few weeks, we will have 2,300 m² more factory space, composed entirely of sparkling clean new rooms for maximum control in the production of our Sports Nutrition and Natural Dietetics products..

Omega 3 vegan EssentialSeries

How will this increase our production? With the new factory spaces, we’ll be able to increase our production at HSN in the coming weeks by up to 300% more. Not a single product will be missing from our online shop!

Do you know how we work in our factory at HSN? And how we produce all our products? Check out the visit our collaborator David Marchante (Power Explosive) made to our facilities to get to know his PWE product.

Our entire factory is made up of clean rooms in a pharmaceutical environment. This ensures that all products are packaged in specially conditioned locations that guarantees the safety of their environment.

All the rooms in our HSN factory are equipped with air circulation and renewal systems, which allow us to control room pressures and particle traffic, crucial to avoid cross contamination. This control is certified by an accredited company. We are ISO8 certified, meaning we renew the air 18 times an hour.

We guarantee the optimal conditions for packaging our products by using dehumidifiers. Why? There are hygroscopic products that if not packaged in this way would not last their shelf life. We guarantee that no deteriorating occurs with HSN products until they are opened (from then on it depends on their conservation).

Finally, all our facilities are fully air-conditioned, ensuring the right temperature for each ingredient.

And how do we ensure the daily operation of our factory? Thanks to the huge team of people that make up HSN. All this would not be possible without the HSN family..

We are nutrition!

At HSN, we’re much more than sport. We are health – nutrition in all its forms.

We care about how you take care of yourself on a daily basis, and that’s why all our product lines have aim to help you to achieve the best functioning of your mind and body, in a natural way.

Do you know about the new range of HSN biotics? It’s just an example of how we want to improve your daily activity from the inside. It’s a range of probiotic products from the EssentialSeries brand, with which you can ensure your gastrointestinal or respiratory health in a natural way.

We also help you follow the best daily diet with our line of FoodSeries products. Not part of your pantry yet? Discover the world of healthy eating with our wide range of products.

New line biotics EssentialSeries

To help you, I’ll leave a quick link to the wide variety of fitness recipes we have here on our HSNBlog: Don't miss out! 😉

Our clients, our priority

At HSN we know that our customers are our greatest asset, which is why they’re are always the focus of our interest.

Last March, after the activation of the State of Alarm in Spain, we maintained our maximum commitment to our clients and followers. We guaranteed the delivery of online orders, as well as the attention through our Customer Service department.

We continue to comply with all the guidelines of the various health authorities regarding the protection of our factory, warehouse and office workers in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and offer maximum guarantees for our customers.

Evoenergy new facilities HSN

In addition to doing our bit in the fight against COVID-19, in 2019 and presently in 2020, we have also improved all our packaging formats, thus ensuring the maximum conservation of all our products 🙂

HSN mask

Our office team goes the extra mile for you, and other, with our HSN masks. Do they have super powers? 

Supplements tested in top competitions

HSN always accompanies the best in their sporting successes! We’re their hidden weapon.

As an example of our commitment to testing our products under the needs of the best athletes, in this post you can learn about the valuation of all our supplements by Spain’s most successful Olympic Games sportsman: Saúl Craviotto.

As if the opinion and performance of one of the topOlympic athletes were not enough, at HSN we have accompanied the Movistar Estudiantes basketball team as the official nutritional supplier in all their categories during the 2019/2020 season.

Competition on the basketball court has been tough, but together we’ve achieved the sporting objectives of the two top teams: the permanence of the men’s team in the top Liga Endesa division, and the promotion of the women’s team from the women’s team from the Liga Femenina 2 to the top category.

Learn more about both the work done throughout the season between HSN and Movistar Estudiantes, as well as about the season finale for their top two teams 😉

At HSN, we only think about the best nutrition for you. Our products are developed by the top professionals, with the maximum quality controls and the best raw materials.Do you know about the customised products for the top professionals that we’ve developed and manufactured? Here’s an example, with Power Explosive as the protagonist.

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