Bamboo Extract: Properties of a Millennial Plant

Bamboo Extract: Properties of a Millennial Plant

It’s sometimes known for being a plant used for purely decorative purposes, but Asian culture has always prized bamboo for its long list of beneficial properties for humans. Do you know about bamboo extract? Well, we’re going to fill you in on all of its secrets.

What is Bamboo?

Named Bambusa arundinacea, it is a plant native to Asia belonging to the Poacea family.

In addition to its innumerable nutritional properties, bamboo is known for its ability to grow quickly and spread in the areas it’s planted.

Its growth rate is remarkable – very few other plants can exceed an average of 25cm / day of growth.

How much can bamboo grow? Depending on its species and type, it can reach up to 40 metres, and grow to this height in only 6 months.

How tall can Bamboo grow

Do you really know about the bamboo plant? Let’s see if it’s true…

It is a hollow plant and, unlike others, has no bark and a diameter that stays the same size as it ages, as is the case with the vast majority of trees.

Asian cultures make use of it across different areas, from the creation of furniture or as a decorative element, to using in food, given all its nutritional properties.

And cosmetics have gone in on the action in recent years too, as we’ll see later.

What is Bamboo Extract?

A product of the nutritional properties of bamboo, there are many dietary supplements on the market featuring bamboo extract.

But do you know what exactly it refers to and what the properties of bamboo extract are?

It comes from the core of the bamboo stick, from where a clear source of iron, potassium, calcium and especially silicon is obtained, as we’ll see later in this article.

It is precisely thanks to it being a natural source of silicon that it derives most of its benefits. Its function in recent years has also extended to cosmetics, thanks to its richness in organic mineral.

Properties of Bamboo and Bamboo Extract

Do you know how exactly bamboo extract is obtained?

Bamboo extract can be extracted from the plant through drying and micronisation.

Bamboo Extract and silicon

Bamboo is the main player in the relationship between silicon and our body, the principal natural source for obtaining the mineral.

Its greatest nutritional interest is found mainly there, in its high concentrations of silicon. Bamboo extract is therefore a great supplement for supplying this mineral to your body.

What can silicon bring to your body?

It is a trace element, as the body requires a small amount of it to meet its needs. In fact, the body is composed of only 7% silicon, which is found mainly in the muscle tendons, hair, nails, skin and joints.

Although it’s true that in the vast majority of cases the necessary amount of silicon is obtained through the diet, the current pace of life, and in most cases the lack of a balanced diets, make it necessary to take a dietary supplement to provide us with the optimal amounts of the mineral.

Benefits for the joints

The high silicon content in bamboo makes it highly recommended for those who suffer from joint problems, whether due to arthritis, osteoarthritis or any other pathology.

This is particularly true for sportsmen and women, who, with the supply or use of bamboo extract, are guaranteed the silicon they need for good joint health.

Is bamboo extract the remedy for joints?

Why is this so?

The active ingredient of Bambusa arundinacea contributes to the health of cartilage and bones thanks to its silicon content.

Relieve joint discomfort with bamboo extract!

Bamboo Extract for skin and hair

Bamboo extract has also been widely used as an ingredient in the world of cosmetics.

Why is this?

The presence of silicon among the components of bamboo extract improves the absorption of the active ingredients of the products, which increases hydration of the skin, in the case of cosmetic products, and contributes to the formation of collagen.

Bamboo Extract for the skin and hair

Do you know what collagen is for? Don’t miss our post looking into it. Access it .

Who will benefit most from these aspects?

As with the joints, our body naturally tends to lower collagen production as we age, by helping to synthesise collagen, we slow down the ageing process of the tissues.

Possible contraindications

It’s a safe product for consumption, as long as you follow the product indications, as well as those of your doctor or specialist.

We always recommend consulting your doctor first – they’ll know best regarding the consumption or not of any supplement according to your situation.

How to take bamboo extract

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