Evogamers: The Supplement for Gamers

Evogamers: The Supplement for Gamers

This supplement was specially made for you, gamers! Evogamers has been designed and formulated for those who love playing video games.

Red Dead Redemption II, Death Stranding, Jedi: Fallen Order, Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword… Did you think that these were the big gaming launches of this month?

Well, we are sorry to disappoint you, but from HSN we can assure you that you are wrong… Evogamers is finally here!

The ultimate supplement to win the game is now in your hands. But, does supplementation for gamers even exist? Of course it does!

E-Sports, gaming levels up

Call of Duty World League, FIFA eWorld Cup, Overwatch League… Playing video games stopped being just a game a long time ago

If you are a gamer you probably know this already. To the eyes of mortals you are just a freak stuck to a computer screen. Well, little do they know, because professionals go further beyond… as well as their bank accounts.

E-sports tournament

For example, Tassi (2018), one of the editors at the Forbes magazine, talked to the most famous streamer on the Internet. He estimated that this player earned 560 000 dollars a month just from the people subscribed to his streaming platform. All this without taking into account the donations on the platform, the events, sponsorships and other platforms that the player uses.

You have probably heard about Pewdiepie, Ninja, Markiplier

Most of them use Youtube as their main platform and they have websites that make thousands of euros. To top it all, they have done that by doing what they like most: playing video games. Is there anyone who would not like being in their place?

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Thumbs up for 90 mil club merch: link in bio bruv

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Let’s go back to the real world, most players spend between 2 and 5 hours a day playing video games. However, it is almost impossible to dedicate body and soul to gaming because Nintendo will not knock on your door to offer you a sponsorship.

Is the “gamer area” meant only for pros? Not at all! A professional gamer risks a lot in order to become a relevant figure in the gaming industry.

How? You will have to play like the best if you want to level up.

Level up

Level Up!

The dream of every gamer: earn a living from playing video games

Competing in the best leagues, having thousands of followers watching you play and incredible prices… Everything seems so far away, but everyone has started from the bottom.

Have you ever thought about it? Here you have some tips if you want to reach glory:

Focus on a video game

Fortnite, Lol, DOTA 2, FIFA… there are prestigious international competitions and many types of games: MOBA, TPS, FPS…

Specialization is key if you want to become a true killa. End your opponents!


Master your own field. The most important E-sports competitions are currently played on PC. However, the Xbox or Play Station have also interesting leagues. For example, the FIFA eWorld Cup 2020.

MoAuba is the best FIFA 2020 player and we could not be more jealous, right?

Back Yourself

You will need a team if you want to play in this type of tournaments. Joining other gamers will help you socialize and progress with them thanks to the scrims against other teams.

Who knows if you will be able to become the next FunPlus Phoenix? 😉

Zone the online tournaments

And without losing coins! If you want to go big really fast you can check the ESL: meeting points, leagues, tournaments and the most important European gaming community.

Log in into real life

Both national and regional competitions are becoming more and more frequent. For example, the Insomnia Gaming Festival, a paradise of gaming, competitions, cosplay, prizes…

Keep an eye on our blog if you want to learn more about coming gaming events!

Powering level

If you are no longer a beginner, step up and join the British leagues: Insomnia, ESL UK & Ireland, Gfinity, epic.LAN, GAME Belong Arena Clash, EGX, NUEL, NSE…

Real Reality

If you have not heard about it you must be living under a rock… Reality meets gaming in Top Gamers Academy, a show that will gather players from all over the world. The main argument of the show is to teach gamers in an Academy where they will compete against each other and stream it. Wanna try for yourself?

Forget about being a noob

If you want to play like the pros, you will have to work like them, behave like them and live like them

Hours and hours of focus require a cognitive capacity that is beyond average. A good diet, physical exercise and healthy habits will be indispensable to stay on track during the hours you spend playing games.

Supplementation is also an option that is becoming more popular in order to enhance their abilities and make the most of each match.

If you want to play like a pro, use pro supplementation!

There are several supplements available for gamers that have been designed to improve the capacities involved in the game. But, we need to understand how our brain works when we play if we want to know what a gaming supplements should be made of.

Wanna find out more about our Evogamers? Then, keep reading…

Humanoid brain, what happens when we play?

Do not let people make you think that you are a freak with your ass stuck to a gaming chair. It has been scientifically proven that the brain of gamers is another kettle of fish… unlike the rest of mortals. Do you want some evidence?

There you go:

Palaus et al. (2017) published a systematic review with studies that reported that there was more activity and development in practically all the assessed brain regions of gamers when compared to non-gamers.

Therefore, this means that they develop cognitive abilities. But, how long can our brain function to the fullest?


+10 Cognition

It is no surprise that the performance will drop after playing match after match of League of Legends for the entire evening.

In fact, the cognitive ability of a gamer drops throughout the gaming session or competition, just like a traditional athlete.

We all know this, but you may not know that we can measure said drop and there are several studies about it. Actually, if we find out the factors that trigger the progressive deterioration of said abilities, we could try and revert its effects to prolong and improve the quality of the game. Sounds good, right?

Gaming involves a big investment in terms of cognitive resources in order to maintain the focus and reflexes on point.


But who has taken the time to study this phenomenon? Sapienza et al. (2018) conducted a study on professional and amateur players in order to find an answer to the following question:

How much can the performance of a player drop throughout a gaming session made up of several LoL matches?
Win rate and KDA

Drop in the gaming performance measured in win rate (a) and kill-death-assistance rate after 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 games of LOL (Sapienza et al., 2018)

For this study, they made 5 different groups that played 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 games with less than a 15 minute break between them.

The result was a drastic drop in the win rate and KDA throughout the games, specially after the third one.

Moreover, the performance of LoL players worsened between a 10% and 8% between the first and fifth match.

To sum up, your performance gets worse throughout time because your attentional resources become more a more limited. It would be great if there was a product that would buffer this loss of performance, right?

Congrats! You have reached the last checkpoint before level 3!

What is Evogamers?

Evogamers is the latest product by HSN and the first one from its E-sport series.

  • It is a food supplement powder that you have to mix in water.
  • Formulated with refreshing flavors: lemon, apple, blue raspberry, cherry and orange.
  • Its taste reminds us of commercial drinks that are really popular among gamers. We have specially designed it for you!
  • Carbonic acid-free, which means that it is a non-carbonated drink.

We have gathered the most experienced gamers from our R+D team in order to come up with a product that would meet all their requirements. Evogamers is the solution, created by and for gamers.

You did not think that there would be gamers at HSN, did you? 😉

That is how Evogamers was born: a powerful cognitive neuromodulator. It is made up of 3 clearly designed matrices to enhance the neurostimulation, nerve signalling and neuroprotection against chemical substances produced during stressful circumstances that increase the heartbeat and alter the nerve activity.

The reader hurt itself in its confusion… do not worry, we are going to explain what all of this means

Pokemon battle

What will you find in our Evogamers?

Do you want to know why Evogamers is the best product in the market? Pay attention:

Neuro-stimulating Blade

Evogamers has a first sequence of substances that will stimulate the electrical transmission of nerve impulses.

To do so, we have used Caffeine and L-Tyrosine.

Caffeine charged

It is possibly the most studied substances in the world of food supplementation in order to enhance the cognitive performance.

In fact, it has proven its effectiveness in plenty of studies, since it is a psychoactive substance with the potential to increase the mental performance. Above all, it stimulates the state of alertness and keeps us awake. Do not fall asleep!

Evogamers provides 300mg of caffeine per dose, three cups of coffee in a single drink!

Caffeine inhibits the effects of adenosine, a substance that is “sedates” our brain. Consequently, it enhances the state of alertness and stimulation. Moreover, it has been proven several times that caffeine itself stimulates the locomotive activity, improving the reflexes and reaction time of the player.

In addition, even though we still do not know the exact action mechanisms, caffeine increases the blood adrenaline levels.

Let it show in your gameplay!


Caffeine is also connected to a better selective attention, information processing and storage. This is due to its relation to the dopamine receptors in the brain (Volkow et al., 2015) (Nieoullon, 2002). The decisions you make in the game are key for you and your time, why not push your brain to the limit?

If you want more information about the benefits of caffeine, keep reading


That is a ton of caffeine, huh? But what if I told you that L-Tyrosine enhances its effects?

Actually, L-tyrosine is one of the 20 amino acids that make up proteins, which are its basic components.

It is a non essential amino acid from the essential amino acids phenylalanine. Moreover, it is involved in the production of brain neurotransmitters or catecholamines (dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline). Dopamine is directly connected to the cognitive performance and mood (PubChem, 2019).

Above all, this amino acid will support the functioning of the brain neurotransmitters and cognitive performance. Take your cognitive capacity to the highest level!

Evogamers actually has 1000mg of L-Tyrosine per drink.

If you want to find out more about supplements to enhance the focus, have a look!

Neurosignalling potion

The signalling substances are those that “lead” neurotransmitters to their receptors or corresponding place in the neurons during the synapsis (nerve impulse transmission).


It is the main neurotransmitter from our brain. In other words, it is the substance that transmits the electric impulse through the synapsis.

Acetylcholine is closely related to the cognitive performance. In fact, it is involved in the processing and creation of new memories, apart from conditioning the psychomotor abilities of the player.

The effects of acetylcholine on the attention of human beings has been extensively proven. This substance sharpens the precision, reflexes, will and reflexive attention (NCBI, 2018). A perfect combo for your games!

In fact, it is currently being studied if there are substances that increase the acetylcholine levels. Above all, this will help us treat neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson.

Video game

Evogamers has been formulated with two forms of choline that have more scientific evidence to increase the concentration of this neurotransmitter. We are talking about CDP-choline (or citicoline) (200mg per serving) and alpha-GPC (100mg per serving) (Amenta & Tayebati, 2008).

Our objective has been to create the ultimate supplements for gamers, and here it is.

Taking citicoline improves the attentional performance in healthy people who were performing activities that required focus (McGlade et al., 2012).

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Moreover, we have also included Acetyl L-Carnitine, a form of L-Carnitine. This substance is involved in the energy metabolism, transporting fatty acids to the muscle cells.

It has been proven that acetyl L-carnitine has effects on our brain. In fact, it stimulates and protects it against harmful chemical substances, apart from improving the neuronal survival (Drugbank, 2019).

Our Evogamers is a must! 500mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine directly to your body.

Huperzine A

The Huperzia Serrata is a medicinal plant that contains Huperzine A. This substance supports the neural communication and, consequently, the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain.

In this drink, you will find: 200mg of Huperzia Serrata leaves.

Acetylcholine + acetyl L-Carnitine + Huperzine A = Brutal combo!

Neuroprotective Shield

Interestingly, the neural stimulation improves the psychomotor performance. But, who has not spent a night studying and drinking way too many stimulants to realize that the real performance was lower?

A good number of players have stated that they have experienced an excessive activation after taking psychostimulant substances. In the end, they made more involuntary mistakes due to the restlessness and anxiety.

How do we avoid this with Evogamers?

We have used 3 neuroprotective substances that counter the excitotoxic effects of stimulants. Therefore, they control the stimulation to provide the best experience for the consumer.


L-Theanine, the main ingredient from the neuroprotective matrix

It is an amino acid found in tea. Usually, it is extracted and concentrated in order to enhance the mental and psychomotor performance in healthy people. Thus, it is a neuromodulator without stimulating  activity that activates the brain areas connected to the focus.

Focus is key to be victorious, put your whole heart into the game!

It is simple, focus on the game and nothing else. This neuroprotective complex will be a perfect tank.
First person shooter
Apart from the L-Theanine that enhances the focus without producing stimulating effects, we have also included: Taurine and Mangiferin, which are substances that protect your brain and neurotransmitters from toxicity.


Finally, we have included a vitamin combo to support the properties of the rest of ingredients. In fact, they are also involved in the neuronal survival processes. You will recharge all your mana with just a single sip! 😉

Evogamers,  a Wombo Combo for your brain

What can Evogarmers do for you?

  • Focus all your senses on the game.
  • Shorten the reaction time.
  • Improve the decision making.
  • Activate the nerve impulses on the brain.
  • Control the nervous excitability.
  • Hydrate and provide nutrients for as many hours as necessary.

Do I have to be a pro to take Evogamers?

Each gamer carries a professional gamer within. This supplement has been designed for you, either if you play for fun with your friends or if you take it seriously to become a challenger. Climb the classification with this powerful weapon that will help you conquer the battlefield regardless of your level.

If you are a gamer, Evogamers was made for you

Boy playing a video game

HSN presents you the ultimate neuromodulator!

Without any doubt, it is the most complete gaming drink you will find. Smash your rivals, loot your Evogamers now!

Only for true gamers!


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