Tips to Recover your Diet After Holidays

Tips to Recover your Diet After Holidays

If you want to recover your diet after the holiday season, read on to get the best advice around.

December festivities are the most eagerly awaited throughout the year. It’s time for family and friends to meet up, which is a great way to enjoy a good spread of delicious food.

As well as sharing a few drinks with good company.

All meals we tend to eat during the holidays are out of the ordinary, and are usually abound with rich sauces, mostly loaded with fat; as well as a great variety of desserts, consisting of irresistible sweets with high sugar content.

Gained weight

After the holidays, come the regrets, due to those 2 or 3 extra kilos we’ve gained and the eagerness to lose them immediately.

Here are a few tips to help you solve this problem, without much effort, and without feeling guilty about enjoying the typical food of this season.

What to do after the holidays?

The first thing we need to do to get back to our ideal weight after the holidays is to plan a well-balanced and healthy diet.

There’s no need to start extreme and violent diets that would enable the rapid loss of those extra kilos; but to the detriment of our health, in addition to the imminent risk of gaining weight again.

Another point to consider is the implementation of a series of very specific recommendations to achieve the proposed objective.

These recommendations should include the firm intention to carry out a physical exercise programme, as well as the advice given below.

Tips to recover your diet

The things you need to consider to recover the diet in a sustainable way and permanently lose that additional weight from your body that makes you so uncomfortable must be a priority within your daily routine from now on, without leaving aside any of the advice we explain in the following sections.

Set yourself a goal

It’s hugely important to have your ideal weight clear and to establish how you’ll get to that weight over a set period of time.

Depending on the challenge, you might consider losing a few pounds a week or month.

The essential thing is to set yourself a realistic goal.

Start eating fruits and vegetables again

These foods have massive health benefits, and also satisfy the appetite and facilitate digestive functions.

Consuming them reduces your daily calorie intake, and provides us with sufficient nutrients to healthily fill us with vitality.

Vegetables fruit

You can consume any type and colour, each one has its own nutritional value.

Establish your diet

You need to have moderation, and this is highly recommended in order to do that.

If you don’t have a nutritionist, keep a record of your daily food consumption during each meal.

Try to eat smaller portions at dinner, reducing your carbohydrate consumption. Although it’s not essential, you may find it helpful to include five meals a day, in appropriate portions.

That way you also avoid anxiety and manage to maintain consistency in your diet.

Eating healthily

You should consider your nutritional requirements for this.

Thus, you can eat the foods that correspond to a balanced and healthy diet according to your age and size.

  • Eat lean meats, eggs and fish, foods rich in protein;
  • All types of fruit and vegetables;
  • Reduce or eliminate refined flours and sugars;
  • Avoid excess salt, as well as deli meats as far as possible and fried foods;
  • Drink sugar-free drinks; and
  • Wholemeal cereals with fibre.

Wok - How to Recover your Diet

Cook food on the grill, boil it or bake it; and you can also use a wok.

Under no circumstances should you stop eating, as you would be making a very serious mistake that would affect your health.

Drinking water

Consume at least two litres or two and a half litres of water a day to stay well hydrated.

Water is the healthiest, calorie-free drink and can give you a feeling of satiety when you drink it before you start eating, both at lunch and dinner.

Drinking water

If you’re someone who finds it difficult, you can always turn to healthy, sugar-free drinks for flavour.

Eliminate alcohol

Alcoholic drinks contain a high percentage of calories, even higher than a full meal.

So during the period you’ve set yourself the goal of reducing your holiday pounds, it’s in your best interest to suspend your alcohol intake, even if you can then resume in moderation.

Recover your routine and balance

By following these simple and practical tips, you’ll progressively see your desired results:

Recovering your exercise routine

Recover your exercise routine and start the new year incorporating new techniques, such as new disciplines or more intensity, to maintain your ideal weight and a healthy life.

To eliminate calories and lose weight, nothing beats exercise.


The most effective accompaniment to recover your diet.

By practicing an exercise routine, you encourage the healthy performance of all vital functions, as well as toning your body, relieving you of stress and charging you with the energy to succeed.

Just 30-45 minutes a day is enough if you’re not a big sportsperson, without the need for anything very complicated; according to your pace and preferences, you can do high, medium or low intensity exercises, such as walking or cycling to start with.

Recover your timetable

After the excesses of the holiday season, nothing beats getting back into balance and resuming all our normal activities that allow us to lead a full life, which is reflected in our overall health.

Don’t worry, organise your schedule and eat with peace of mind.

Remember that digestion starts in the mouth: Chew slowly, for at least for 20 seconds, so the food is well digested and the proper absorption of nutrients is more effective.

Rest for between 7-8 hours a day

This is just as important as accompanying your diet with exercise.

Similarly, you have to respect your sleep and rest hours to regain the balance of the circadian rhythms that influence eating habits and digestion, as well as other cycles of life processes and important bodily functions.

By resuming a balanced diet and normality after the holidays, you’ll be able to lose the additional kilos you gained, all the way until you reach the ideal weight that corresponds to your body structure, and all the staying active, feeling vitality and having a sense of well-being.

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