What to Do if you Skip Training?

What to Do if you Skip Training?

In order to achieve our training objectives, one of the basic premises is the continuity and constancy of the established plan. But skipping a day’s training won’t affect your overall results.

If you do have to skip training, for reasons we’ll look at later, we recommend:

  • Recovering the following day;
  • Training at home;
  • Take it as a rest.

Can I recover what I missed?

If the training session is an essential one, then you should make sure to recover it.

Skipping or skipping a day of training to complement your goal is not the same as skipping a main session.

Skipping training on an ad hoc basis

For example, if your goal is to gain muscle mass and you can’t do cardio training, it won’t affect the rest of your week’s plan too much.

In this case, my recommendation is that you continue the next day with the scheduled session.

If, on the other hand, you’re a runner in the final weeks of a marathon preparation period and you skip the most important session of the week, as it’s a key training session, you should make up for it and adapt your weekly training plan.

However, if, as we say, it is not a specific or quality session, you can take the day as a rest.

You can also simply train at home, as we talked about here .

What happens if I stop training for more than 2 days

As we have said, the key is consistency throughout the process, and dropping two or more days at a time will not significantly affect the overall work of your training plan.

In such cases, it is always advisable to talk to your coach to adjust the weekly plan to the time and circumstances of the moment.

What not to do if you’ve skipped training

What you should not do is to accumulate the sessions not done in one day, especially if you have little experience or if they are specific and intense sessions, as in this case it is more detrimental to the overall calculation of the training.

What not to do if you have skipped a training session

And keep the following sessions as scheduled, despite skipping training.

The serious thing would be to stop training several days in a row, weeks… and thus lose that adherence to physical exercise.

Reasons to skip training

There are different reasons of sufficient importance for skipping a training day in a timely manner:

  • Medical Reasons: if you have an injury, are ill or are coming out of an operation.
  • Reasons of Force Majeure: due to personal and/or professional issues that prevent you from carrying out the planned training.
  • Subjective Reasons: if the individual’s perception on a particular day is of feeling extremely married or fatigued.

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