B-50 Complex VS Ultra B-Complex by HSN

B-50 Complex VS Ultra B-Complex by HSN

We are going to compare two Vitamin B supplements: B-50 Complex and Ultra-B Complex de HSN.

Different products for different circumstances. Which one do you need?

What is a B Complex?

A B complex is a food supplement made from water soluble vitamins that support all the functions of the metabolism.

You have good articles in the blog that analyze the functions of these vitamins. For example, contains a general summary of the functions of a B complex.

What are the differences between these B complexes?

In HSN, you will find two different products that are B complexes. In other words, these are two multivitamins that contain B group vitamins (water soluble).

Evidently, even if they have a similar profile, these products are not the same and they are different in aspects that will determine which one is better for us.

Before we start to list the differentiating features of each of these products, we need to mention that there are no differences regarding the quality of the vitamins.

That is, both supplements have been made with:

  • Effective amounts of vitamins.
  • That meet the nutrient requirements established by the FAO and adopted by the European Commission for the average nutrient requirements of the population.
  • Highly available vitamin forms.
  • Stable vitamins with good absorption and utilization rates by the organism.


Ultra B-Complex

It is the product by HSN that contains a more powerful vitamin combination for those who have high nutrient requirements.

Ultra B-Complex is the best way to ensure a good intake of water soluble vitamins.

Who can benefit from this product?

  • Professional athletes who train many hours a day, sometimes even more than one session.
  • People who follow poor diets that lack micronutrients. For example, they do not eat fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs… And they mainly eat ready cooked meals or fast food.
  • People with pathologies or disorders that involved high nutrient requirements. For instance, inflammatory bowel disease. Evidently, this has to be done under the knowledge and control of a physician.
  • Bodybuilders who need a lot of nutrients and who follow low energy diets (such as PSMF or similar).


It supports the proper functioning of the nervous and hepatic systems. Moreover, it helps to regulate the cholesterol.


This ingredient helps to maintain a good insulin sensitivity and the proper functioning of the neurons. Therefore, it could be a promising adjuvant therapy against depressive disorders and anxiety.

B-50 Complex

B-50 Complex is the alternative to Ultra B-Complex which we have developed after analyzing the specific needs of our customers.

It is a great product since it has high concentrations of vitamins. Specially from those that are more specific for athletes who do intense workout routines.

But, what if I just want a supply of B group vitamins? B-50 complex has been specially made with this group of people in mind.

Running outdoors


This formula has the same vitamins as Ultra B-Complex, except for PABA. To put it simply, it is an essential aminobenzoic organic acid for the survival of some bacterial strains from our microbioma (skin, mouth, bowel…).

However, it has lower concentrations of some of the most sensitive vitamins for athletes, as well as those that are stored in the body and those that are usually more available in the food we eat.

Who can benefit from this product?

  • Amateur athletes, active people who do exercise for fun between 6-20 hours a week.
  • Athletes who follow a varied diet but who can still improve their nutrition to make the most of their performance.
  • Normal people who are not athletes but who follow a poor diet in terms of fruit and vegetables. For example, those who eat out due to work).
  • Those who are exposed to toxic substances: tobacco, alcohol and those who eat a lot of raw fish.
B-50 is a more adequate alternative for those who have from low to moderate nutrient requirements.

Comparative Chart

Thiamine (B1)50mg4545%++50mg4545%++
Riboflavin (B2)50mg357%++50mg3571%++
Niacin (B3)
Nicotinamide and Inositol hexanicotinate
Pantothenate (B5)100mg1667%++50mg833%++
Pyridoxine (B6)25mg1786%100%25mg1786%100%
Biotin (B8)2000mcg4000%++50mcg100%++
Folic Acid (B9)400mcg200%40%400mcg200%40%
Cobalamin (B12)500mcg20000%++50mcg2000%++
Choline bitartrate100mg++++50mg++++

1NRV = Nutrient reference values (minimum recommended intake).

2UL = Upper Limit (intake limit, otherwise it can increase the risk of experiencing side effects).

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B-50 Complex VS Ultra B-Complex Review

Nutrient requirements - 100%

Formula - 100%

Who can benefit - 100%

Comparative Chart - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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