How to tackle your first Fun Run?

How to tackle your first Fun Run?

After a whole lot of training, the moment you were waiting for hasarrived: running your first fun run.

First times are unforgettable, so it’s important all the sensations and memories of your first fun run are positive so you can continue on with more motivation and desire.

Preliminary Tips

Generally, it’s best to start your fun run journey with short distances, such as 5 or 10 km.

A prerequisite before running a race is that you’ve been training and are well-prepared.

Being the first time, you’ll have some nerves, but you have to learn to control them:

  • Take deep, controlled breaths.
  • Visualise your run and how you’re going to feel.
  • Think about the previous training sessions you’ve done, and the sessions you’ve felt best about.
  • Do some guided meditation the days before to keep those nerves at bay.


The week before, keep up your training sessions, but decrease the volume (mileage) and avoid intense running and/or strength sessions 3 days before your first run.

Tips for your First Fun Run

Your body should be active and awake, but not fatigued.

Don’t forget, too, that your training plan should consist of a combination of different running sessions, strength work sessions for runners, and mobility and stretching work, so that it’s a global, progressive and injury-free workout.

Know the Distance

This is a fundamental aspect, as it will help you to be more confident and secure.

Analyse the route map of your first run to find out where the refreshment points will be, where you’ll be going uphill or downhill, and thus establish your run strategy.

What training plan should you follow?

Your training plan will depend on several factors:

  • Initial level and experience.
  • Time available for training.
  • Target Distance.

Using these variables, your coach who should establish a training programme of approximately 10-12 weeks so that you can both tackle your first fun run with guarantees, and enjoy it too.

Training for fun run

Training for your first fun run and, most importantly, crossing the finish line.

Errors to avoid

Try not to fall for these mistakes for your first fun run:

  • Not knowing the information about the event: pick up your race bib the day before and find out the start time.
  • Wearing unsuitable clothing and footwear: check the time and day of the race and adapt your equipment.
  • Starting out too fast: this will cause early fatigue and force you to slow down.
  • Not warming up before the start: dedicate 5-10 minutes to preparing your cardiorespiratory system, warm up your muscles and focus on your race.

Other tips and recommendations

Your training is done and now you just have to enjoy the course and atmosphere of your first fun run:

  • Get to the starting point early.
  • Prepare and check all your equipment the night before: race bib, shoes and clothing, and accessories if necessary.
  • Bring a small bottle of water with you to sip before the start.
  • Don’t forget to bring dry clothes to change into and avoid getting cold at the end.
  • Have breakfast at least 90 min. or 2 hours before.
  • Go from less to more intensity: start at a gentle pace until you feel you can increase slightly and then maintain a higher one.

You’ll soon find yourself celebrating races, so smile when you reach the finish line 🙂 !

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