Rumble Boxing: The new discipline that’s a knock-out success!

Rumble Boxing: The new discipline that’s a knock-out success!

The fitness sector and group classes have undergone major changes in recent years in terms of combining different disciplines in the same session.

Large franchises have grown using combinations of very different disciplines, including boxing, ballet, HIIT and pilates… creating unique blends that ensure workouts are fun, unlike anything you’ve done before, and above all, involve a range of different sports.

Boxing is one of the disciplines that is being introduced in this type of new combined classes, and thus, Rumble Boxing was born in 2017 in the United States.

What is Rumble Boxing?

In the field of boxing, the word RUMBLE generally refers to a fight, hence the phrase:

Are you ready to rumble?

It’s a structured session that combines both boxing movements and blows, with different training methods aimed at gaining strength, explosiveness and muscle resistance.

All of this is organised in a nightclub atmosphere where hip-hop, house music and lights combine perfectly to make training fun.

The modality combines the basic boxing blows (jab, punch, hook, cross…) with intervals of strength work, either by repetitions or cardio work.

Rumble Training

The structure of the Rumble “workout” is about 50 minutes long and divided into 10 rounds with 2 different styles:

The first 3 rounds are typical of boxing, working 6 different boxing punches and combining them in easy-to-follow combos.

  • The jab, or frontal punch with the guard arm.
  • The cross, or frontal punch with the back arm.
  • The hook, a punch that can be performed with either hand.
  • The uppercut, or upward punch.

Between one rumble and the next, there’s an active recovery of short but very intense intervals.

In the next 3 rounds, the ring is moved to the floor, with specific equipment for each participant, where strength work with dumbbells and body weight is developed..

  • Shoulder press squat (also known as a “thruster”).
  • Dumbbell row.
  • Press-ups.
  • Mountain climbers.
  • Plank variations.

Then another 2 rounds of boxing, over approximately 3 minutes and with specific material, to keep up the cardio work.

And then a 2 rounds of strength work with your own body weight, using METCON or intervals.

The class always finishes with a special “dance” to celebrate the end of the session among all participants.

Benefits of HIIT Rumble Boxing Training

Combining cardiovascular work with strength training makes the training much more comprehensive and the total energy expenditure of the session higher than usual.

The structure of the workout makes it the perfect way to break your routine, increase motivation levels and train well while having more fun.

This can help people just starting out and/or wanting to improve their body composition.

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