What Is Adaptive Crossfit?

What Is Adaptive Crossfit?

Continuing with the idea of promoting an inclusive sport, the Adaptive CrossFit speciality course is becoming increasingly popular.

This official CrossFit course has until now only been taught in the United States. But thanks to the growth of this sport in other parts of the world, it is now also taught in other places, such as Barcelona, where one has just been held a few weeks ago.

CrossFit for All

CrossFit was born as a training method for military, police and firefighters.

The basis of this training methodology is functional movements executed at high intensity.

The great volume of repetitions and the use of high loads forces you to always respect the technique

Later, when Greg Glassman discovered the great results achieved by the participants, he began to extend this training method by collaborating with other coaches.

They were trained by Glassman and then affiliated with the brand, meaning they could teach their training method. The famous CrossFit

Professionalising the Brand

It gradually gained popularity. Individuals who were not sports professionals began to benefit from the practice with very fast and very visible results.

And that’s how it became so famous around the United States. Even to the point of crossing the pond and reaching other continents. And so the network of affiliates we know today grew.

Greg Glassman has always been a sports enthusiast. His main objective was to involve people in this sport so that they could improve their health.


Now more than ever, with the new direction taken by the Games, the idea that CrossFit is for everyone has been further reinforced

Adaptive CrossFit Exercise for Health

Although in recent years the Games have taken much of the attention away from this main objective of Glassman, this year they’ve made some adjustments.

The objective, to redirect the focus to the health of participants instead of professional sport, which less than 1% of the people who practice CrossFit compete in.

In fact, the teachers conducting this course travel from the cradle of CrossFit in the United States, and are coaches recognised for their great training and experience in CrossFit.

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It’s not if, but when, an adaptive athlete will come to train at your gym…will you be prepared⁉️ — Learn the methods and adaptations necessary to train a wide-range of athletes. Even if you don’t train adaptive athletes, learning how to work with the impaired athlete population will make you a better overall coach 👊 — Come learn from the world’s best Adaptive Coaches/athletes! Check out the schedule below and click the link in the bio to find the next CrossFit Specialty Course: Adaptive Training seminar near you — Course Schedule: OCT 13: Austin, TX OCT 14: Dallas, TX OCT 20: Denver, CO NOV 3: Philadelphia, PA NOV 4: Alexandria, VA NOV 17: Sao Paulo, Brazil NOV 18: Rio de Janerio, Brazil DEC 1: Oakland, CA DEC 2: San Diego, CA — #adaptivecrossfit #adaptiveathlete #crossfit @iko_pb

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In this course, coaches are taught how to modify training appropriately so that people with disabilities that lead to reduced mobility can participate in wods

CrossFit Adaptive target

The aim of this course is to help coaches understand how a person with reduced mobility faces a wod. With a better understanding of the sensations they experience, they can be more professional in their role as a coach.

And the best way to gain this empathy skill is from practice, so this course is largely practical

Overcoming Limitations

Those who participate in the course carry out exercises assuming different scenarios a person with a disability would have to face. From doing wall balls as if they were in a wheelchair, to climbing ropes from the ground without the help of their legs, to rowing with just one arm…

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Check out coach Marc G (@marc_gilman) to learn how to train visually impaired athletes. He is visually impaired himself and is doing some amazing work in the adaptive community 👊 — Repost @marc_gilman 👇 ・・・ Ayer participamos en el #seminario de Adaptive CrossFit. Sin duda una experiencia muy enriquecedora con la que aprendimos y disfrutamos a partes iguales. . .Me siento increíblemente #afortunado y #orgulloso de todo el equipo del grupo Adaptive en @crossfitlcs porque si no fuera por vuestro #compromiso e interés en mejorar la asistencia a nuestros atletas adaptados, este seminario no se hubiera celebrado en Barcelona. . Gracias a @crossfitespana por hacerlo posible y a @crossfit por recordarnos que su finalidad es la de mejorar la calidad de vida de quiénes lo practicamos, y nuestra #responsabilidad la de que nadie se quede sin la #oportunidad de poder hacerlo. . Adaptación del WOD: . AMRAP 16’ . 4 Wall Climb 8 Hang power Clean 12 Toes To bar. . Atleta: @luciasharon01 . _________________________ @adaptivecrossfit @limitededitionathletes @crossfithealth

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The moment you see a physically challenged person decide to challenge themselves in a wod, with the added difficulties they have, is a moment of realisation that CrossFit is for everyone who is willing to fight for better fitness.

In January, the Wodapalooza is held in Miami. Athletes from all over the world with different limitations participate in this competition, and last year we had a blind Spanish athlete from CrossFit Les Corts on the podium

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