A Look at Dark Eye Circles: We tell you the Best Home Remedies

A Look at Dark Eye Circles: We tell you the Best Home Remedies

One of the most common problems of facial aesthetics is the presence of dark circles under the eyes. These dark shadows can appear at any age, for various reasons.

Although dark circles under the eyes are most often the result of a bad night or having been in a situation of exhaustion or stress, it’s also possible that they are a reflection of an illness.

There is a wide range of possibilities to eliminate them; the important thing is to determine the origin of the problem and follow the most effective guidelines in order to achieve their definitive disappearance.

Why do dark circles under the eyes appear?

Dark circles under the eyes are alterations in skin tone, under the lower eyelids.

Their colouring can be greyish, bluish or purple.

What are dark circles under the eyes

They most often appear sporadically; however, in some people they are present almost permanently.

In principle, the reason they appear on the lower eyelids is because the skin in this area is very thin and sensitive.

Furthermore, the lower eyelids have less collagen, so the skin is more easily distended.

How to treat dark circlesunder the eyes

All this causes the shades of the blood vessels to become evident as they dilate.

Generally, dark circles under the eyes do not represent a problem beyond aesthetics; but in certain cases they may be linked to a condition that affects health.

Causes of bags under the eyes

  • Hormonal changes: caused by pregnancy and menstruation. Certain hormonal imbalances may also be related to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
  • Inadequate nutrition: as nutrition affects all aspects of our health. In the event of a deficit in the intake of foods containing iron, anaemia could occur, which would be the cause of dark circles under the eyes.
  • Circulatory problems: considering that the main reason for dark circles under the eyes is dilation of the blood vessels, circulation problems may be behind their appearance.
  • Fluid retention: which may be related to autoimmune diseases and inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Inherited or genetic factors: some people are more prone than others to its appearance.
  • Allergies: as a result of exposure to or ingestion of an allergen that triggers congestion of the blood vessels under the eyes.

Types of dark circles under the eyes

Depending on the nature of their appearance, there are different types of dark circles under the eyes:

Temporary dark circles

  • These are the most common, caused by lack of sleep, stress or tiredness. They are characterised by their bluish colour and tend to disappear with rest.

Dark circles due to loss of skin elasticity

  • They appear due to ageing, accumulated sun exposure, excessive gesticulation and dehydration of the eyelid skin.

Dark circles from colouring

  • These are due to an increase in melanin in the skin of the eyelids, due to our genetics or repeated eczema.

Sunken dark circles

  • These are very noticeable as they form a furrow from the inner corner of the eye to the cheek. They are usually caused by ageing.

Dark circles due to circulatory problems

  • These are due to dilation of the blood vessels when blood circulation is disturbed. Their colour may be purple or blue.

How to get rid of them?

While it is possible to mitigate the contrast between the colour of dark circles under the eyes and the natural skin tone by using a concealer, it’s always better to eliminate this problem.

Home remedies

There is a great variety of treatments: from home remedies to medical interventions for complicated cases.

Ideally, it’s best to try simple remedies that can be done at home.

Home remedies for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes

  • Place green tea bags on the dark circles, which, thanks to the antioxidant substances they contain, reduce their extent.
  • Place your fingers on your temples, close your eyelids tightly for 10 seconds, repeat this 5 times with each eye and finally close both eyes and relax your face for one minute.
  • Place cucumber slices over the closed eyes, which moisturise and relax the skin.
  • Apply cold water compresses when the eyes are swollen.

Cold as a remedy

You can also place two spoons in the freezer and press them gently on the eyes. The cold is a good decongestant.

  • Place a few drops of almond oil on the eye contour to relax the area.
  • Sleep on your back to improve blood circulation.
In addition to these simple practices, it’s important to keep in mind some other tips for eliminating dark circles under the eyes.

Are dark circles and bags under the eyes the same thing?

Both dark circles under the eyes and bags under the eyes produce unsightly effects in the same area.

But these are two different reactions, generated by different causes.

Under-eye bags are nothing more than a puffiness resulting from the loss of muscle tone in the area, with the subsequent flaccidity of this area.

Under Eye Bags

They’re usually caused by excess fat or toxins in the lower eyelids, causing the area to swell.

The main difference is that bags under the eyes are caused by the accumulation of substances such as liquids and fat, while dark circles under the eyes are caused by changes in skin colour.

Other tips to eliminate dark circles under the eyes

According to each individual case, the recommendations of specialists should be followed.

However, here are some tips that will help you in this regard.

  • You can treat hyperpigmented dark circles with depigmenting active ingredients containing retinol and antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E.

Vitamin A from HSN

Vitamin A from EssentialSeries.

  • For dark circles under the eyes, you can use hyaluronic acid as an eye contour.
  • For dark circles due to elasticity, it’s advisable to use eye contours with vitamin C and E, retinol or hyaluronic acid. It can be combined with dermatological treatments such as radiofrequency.
  • Vascular dark circles are purplish in colour. Oxygenation treatments such as carboxytherapy and eye contouring with vitamin K can be used.


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