Vegetable Mugcake

Vegetable Mugcake

This time, we bring you the famous cocoa mugcake recipe, but with a little change to make it healthier. Less carbs and same flavor!!

Vegetable Mugcake recipe

Recipe Tips: Vegetable Mugcake

  • Preparation time: 8 minutes
  • Cooking time: 2 minutes
  • Portion size: 1 Glass
  • Number of servings: 1
  • Cooking style: American


  • 1 egg
  • 1 scoop of Apple and cinnamon Whey protein
  • 125 gr of courgette
  • Sweetener
  • 25 g Sugar-free cocoa powder
  • Water
Nutritional Information per serving
of which saturates:6g
of which sugars:3.7g

How to make: Vegetable Mugcake

  1. Take the egg, courgette, protein, 25 g of cocoa powder and a little bit of sweetener.
  2. Add a little bit of water, 15 ml approximately, which is the minimum to process all the ingredients.
  3. Blend everything together.
  4. Take 1 cup or 2 teacups, spread a few drops of oil.
  5. Fill the cups to a little bit more than a half.
  6. Cook in the microwave at maximum power between 1 or 2 minutes.
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