Paloma Quintana
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Paloma Quintana

Paloma Quintana is passionate about healthy living and good habits. She tries to put into practice everything she has learnt and researched about improving health, to share it with others and help those following her advice to improve the lifestyles they lead, making them healthier and more active in the process.

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Paloma Quintana's Philosophy

Paloma has always placed value in knowing the kinds of food you should be eating, and how it should be prepared. It's something she's carried with her through life thanks to her family.

And with her extensive training on top, it's made her into the person she is today: passionate about transmitting her knowledge to help improve our daily lives. She believes in helping people who need an extra hand to improve their habits and enjoy a more active life.

Learn more about Paloma Quintana

Her CV includes:

  • A degree in Human Nutrition and Diet.
  • A degree in Food Science and Technology.
  • A masters in Human Nutrition.

All this, in addition to countless courses and training related to nutrition and dietetics, mean all her publications work from a basis of proven facts.

Reach your goals

Her work her a lot to do with improving our body composition, working with athletes and those wanting to improve their eating habits or lifestyle, to make them healthier.

Nutrition and diet education within everyone's reach.

How do I follow Paloma Quintana?

Her book "Cocina, Come y pierde Grasa" (Cook, Eat and Lose Fat), is available in our HSN online shop.

It's a practical guide to improving our diet, losing weight in a healthy way, and changing our bad habits for good.