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Bolero is a company specialised in the development of flavouring preparations for use in water, without calories.

Its products have become very famous since the beginning of its commercialisation, because of:

  •  Their large variety of choice.
  •  Their good flavour profile.
  •  Their low price.
  •  Their lack of calories, fats and sugars.
  •  Their easy dilution in water, even cold water.

And for the development of new formulas with coffee, especially for athletes.

Table of contents

What is Bolero?

Your best friend for definition! An idea way to flavour your drink.

  • They are sweetened with natural stevia.
  •  They don't contain sugar.
  •  There are 79 delicious different flavours available.

Are you more in the mood for Sandía or Cola?

Enjoy them all!

Bolero as a company

Bolero has grown since its creation in an exponential and unstoppable way.

From the launch of the first flavouring sachet to the full availability of flavours and sports versions of its products.

Don't forget about the energy drinks! With coffee that contributes to the improvement of aerobic performance.

How do you use a Bolero?

This process could not be easier:

Dissolve a full 9 gram sachet in 1.5 - 2.5 litres of water, depending on the flavour intensity you are aiming for, and it is ready!

Its solubility is so good that it can be mixed even with a simple spoon, without the need to shake or use a shaker.

Enjoy all the flavours!

What Bolero products can you find at HSN?

At HSN we have two versions of the Bolero products:

  •  Standard: 9 gram versions, designed to be dissolved in 1,5 - 2,5 litres of water.
  •  Sticks: Pocket versions, 3 grams, designed to be dissolved in 0,5 litres of water.

Bolero Energy Drink This version is only available in a standard version with coffee for athletes who want to give their best in their training.

You can also find "Bolero Drinks" and "Bolero Iced Tea" destined to flavour your drinks in the most original way.