HSN Thermogenic Supplements Comparison

HSN Thermogenic Supplements Comparison

Looking for thermogenic supplements? Want to introduce them into your routine because you’re in a definition phase? With this article, we want to compare HSN fat burning supplements with Animal Cuts. Let us know which is your favourite.

Table of Thermogenic Supplements

Thermogenic Supplements Comparison


  • 1For the cost per service, the retail price of the product (without offers) is taken as a reference. For Evoripped and Evoburn, it’s the 120 capsule format; for Keto Shred, the format is 500 g.
  • 2The caffeines used in Evoripped and Keto Shred comes from a natural source (from the extraction of green coffee beans). Evoburn caffeine is calculated from the sum of: Guarana + Green Tea + Yerba Mate.
  • 3Nutrient amounts are given per daily dose. For Animal Pack, the amount of each ingredient is not specified because it is a proprietary formula.
HSN products offer information in a transparent manner indicating the exact composition of each ingredient.

What should I look for when buying a fat burner?

To choose a good thermogenic supplement or fat burner, we need to take into account a number of important points in order to select the most optimal for us:

Herbal Extract Standardisation

An attribute of the highest quality granted by the brand, and which implies that the best raw materials are being used. HSN products are made from the most useful parts of plants and have been standardised in the most studied compounds:


  • Wakame extract: 10% Fucoxanthin.
  • Bitter Orange extract: 30% P-Synphrine.
  • Cayenne extract: 2.25% Capsaicin.
  • Black Pepper extract: 100% Piperine.
  • White Willow extract: 10% Salicin.
  • Green Tea extract: 95% Polyphenols, 70% Catechins, 45% EGCG.

Evoripped by SportSeries

SportSeries Evoripped.


  • Guarana extract: 22% caffeine.
  • Green Tea extract: 50% polyphenols, 7% caffeine.
  • Coleus Foskohlii extract: 10% Forskolin.
  • Yerba Mate extract: 8% caffeine.

SportSeries Evoburn

SportSeries Evoburn.

Keto Shred

  • Green Tea extract: 95% polyphenols, 70% catechins, 45% EGCG.

KetoSeries Keto Shred with Natural Caffeine

KetoSeries Keto Shred with Natural Caffeine.

Proven efficacy of thermogenic supplement ingredients

Another fundamental point is to know the properties of the ingredients with which the thermogenics are formulated – that’s to say, their evidence in terms of boosting fat loss.

Proven efficacy of thermogenic supplements

HSN uses the highest quality raw materials and the most concentrated in active ingredients.

At HSN, we have no doubts about this, and we have limited ourselves to carefully selecting those that offer the greatest performance for athletes or those seeking to optimise the weight loss process with an emphasis on fatty tissue loss.

Consumption mode

A convenient mode of use is synonymous with bringing the product closer to the end customer in a practical way that encourages its continued use.

Unlike the competing product, which involves consuming up to 18 capsules and tablets a day, HSN’s products are dosed in a more concentrated way thanks to the compounds used.

By doing so, the mode of use is substantially reduced, being more attractive to the user.


Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects to take into account is this: how much does the thermogenic supplement cost?

Thanks to HSN’s policy on “products at the right price”, we can offer products at a very competitive price.

As shown in the comparison table, our cost per serving is unrivalled.


Last but not least, we highlight the qualities of the product’s manufacture. At HSN, we meet the highest standards in manufacturing quality, as reflected with our IFS certification, which we looked into in this post on the blog.

Other differentiating attributes worth noting are aspects such as the lack of allergens and being suitable for vegans/vegetarians.

This is the greatest added value that a company can offer to its products, and at HSN we comply with it 100%.

Conclusions on Thermogenic Supplements

After an in-depth analysis of HSN’s products in comparison with its competition, we can state that we have:

  • The best price per serving.
  • Top quality ingredients.
  • Transparent information.
  • More convenient modes of use.
  • Manufacturing quality.

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Review of Thermogenic Supplements Comparative Assessment

Composition - 100%

Price - 100%

Quality of Manufacture - 100%

Conclusions - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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