Fit Happy Sisters

The Fit Happy Sisters is a recipes blog where two sisters, Ani and Sara, share their recipes and tips to follow a healthy lifestyle.

They are always looking for ways to eat healthy without having to refuse the dishes that we love so much, like sweets or pizzas. That is why their main purpose is to get rid of the idea that we have to eat "lettuce and chicken" in order to lose weight.

In the Fit Happy Sisters Blog, you will find hundreds of recipesthat are delicious, without sugar, saturated fat or refined flours that will help you follow a healthy diet without suffering the consequences of strict diets.

Where can I buy Fit Happy Sisters?

Their book "No Hagas Dieta Nunca Más" is available in HSNstore and it will teach you how to cook in a healthy and simple way. That way, you will be able to eat with a clear goal in mind: lose weight, avoid the yo-yo effect and take care of your health.

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