Exclusive Gifts

For orders over 45€

SEALING BAG CLIP Clip to make sure that your food supplement powder bags are completely closed. Valued at 1,20 €
PROTEIN AND CEREALS BAR - 60g Valued at 1,90 €

For orders over 60€

XANTHAN GUM POWDER 150g Valued at 4,90 €
TURMERIC POWDER 150g Valued at 3,89 €
HSN SPORT BOTTLE 750ml BLACK Valued at 3,90 €

For orders over 75€

BLUE-ORANGE HSN KID MASK    Valued at 4,90 €
DARK CHOCO WITH COCOA NIBS (SUGAR FREE) - 100g Authentic Belgian black chocolate with no sugar. 12 units = 1 box Valued at 2,75 €
CALCIUM CITRATE POWDER 150g Valued at 9,90 €
BLACK-PINK HSN MASK    Valued at 4,90 €

For orders over 90€

MALTODEXTRIN POWDER 1Kg Valued at 5,90 €
EVOHMB 1000mg - 30 tabs Valued at 6,90 €
VEGGIE FOODS PEARL COUSCOUS AND CHICKPEAS ORIENTAL STYLE - 280g Tasty recipe with 100% vegetable ingredients based on couscous and chickpeas with oriental influence and inspiration. Try your... Valued at 4,90 €
EVOCARBS 2.0 1Kg NO FLAVOUR Valued at 7,90 €

For orders over 120€

D-RIBOSE POWDER 150g Valued at 12,90 €
HSN SPORT BOTTLE WITH COOLING TUBE 650ml ORANGE 650 Shaker with cooling tube to always keep your drinks cold. Valued at 11,89 €
GARLIC & HERBS SAUCE - 350ml Our new garlic and herbs sauce. A classic in Mediterranean cuisine now available in its fit version! Valued at 4,90 €
KETO INSTANT COFFEE 150g Valued at 8,90 €



* HSNstore will make changes in these promotions accordingly, varying the gifts available in the different sections without previous warning.

** The superior sections always include the gifts from the inferior sections apart from the exclusives from said section.

*** Non-binding, informational content.