Exclusive Gifts

For orders over 45€

SAMPLE EVORDX 2.0 21g COLA    Valued at 1,90 €
THIN WHOLE GRAIN OAT FLAKES - 1Kg    Valued at 2,24 €
DEFATTED PEANUT BUTTER POWDER 150g    Valued at 4,90 €
ENERGY PALEO BAR Energy bar suitable for vegetarians. Made with high quality natural ingredients. A snack without synthetic additives or ultra-processed... Valued at 2,24 €
NATURAL CAFFEINE 200mg - 30 veg caps    Valued at 3,89 €
L-GLYCINE POWDER 150g    Valued at 5,90 €

For orders over 70€

RICE FLOUR 2.0 1Kg NO FLAVOUR    Valued at 3,89 €
OMEGA-3 FISH OIL - 30 softgels    Valued at 3,89 €
PEANUT BUTTER 250g SMOOTH    Valued at 3,25 €
FLAPJACK 120g APPLE    Valued at 2,20 €
XYLITOL POWDER - 100g    Valued at 3,99 €
SMOOTH PEANUT BUTTER 500g BANANA    Valued at 9,90 €

For orders over 90€

MELATONIN 1.8mg - 120 tabs It provides 1.8mg of Melatonin per tablet. It helps to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep. Valued at 9,90 €
GREEK SAUCE - 350ml New HSNfoods Greek Sauce. Without fats, sugars nor calories. Sweetened with stevia. Try it out! Valued at 4,90 €
CARAMEL SYRUP - 350ml Caramel syrup without sugars nor fats and low in calories. New anti-leaks format. Now without aspartame nor sodium benzoate. Valued at 4,90 €
EVOHMB 1000mg - 30 tabs    Valued at 6,90 €
L-TAURINE POWDER 150g    Valued at 6,90 €
BARLEY GRASS POWDER 150g NO FLAVOUR    Valued at 9,90 €
MORINGA POWDER 150g    Valued at 9,90 €
SCREW CAP HSN SHAKER 700ml ORANGE 700ml Shaker with innovative screw cap to prevent the liquid from spilling. Valued at 7,90 €



* HSNstore will make changes in these promotions accordingly, varying the gifts available in the different sections without previous warning.

** The superior sections always include the gifts from the inferior sections apart from the exclusives from said section.

*** Non-binding, informational content.