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Physical exercise plays an important role in our health and, particularly, in our quality of life. Climbing the stairs, running and sprinting, weightlifting, trekking, a game of paddle, going for a ride on a bike... any physical activity with a certain intensity, either high or low, demands many resources from our system. Therefore, we need to ensure that our body has the best nutrients available to stay fit, apart from achieving a fast and successful recovery.

All in all, physical exercise is key to stay healthy.

Purpose of these packs

The purpose of these packs is to help us maintain our physical condition by providing only the best products to do so. For example, some of the most important supplements that you can find in these packs are:

  • Protein and Amino acids: they provide essential nutrients. In fact, without them our body would not be able to regenerate the muscle tissue, which can be damaged depending on the intensity of the exercise. Amino acids, which make up proteins, can be crucial specially for athletes who perform high intensity workouts. This is due to the fact that they have higher energy demands as a result of facing the hardest workouts, apart from using them to decrease the fatigue. In addition, amino acids will support the adaptation to the physical exercise, improving our athletic performance.
  • Carbohydrates: any physical activity requires energy. When we talk about activities that use the glycolytic pathway, it means that said activity is highly intense. In fact, it can partially empty our energy reserves. Consequently, our brain will send a signal to reduce the performance, which is a preventive measure to avoid reaching the point of physical exhaustion. Therefore, taking carbohydrates at specific moments can help us improve our performance apart from improving the recovery, so that we will be ready to face the next workout session without any issues.
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  • Pack to stay in shape with the help of PowerExplosive. A perfect combination of products to achieve all your goals.

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  • SAVE MONEY - Protein Pack + BCAA's.

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  • SAVE MONEY - Maximum Quality Protein Pack + branched chain amino acids and multivitamin

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  • Save money with our Packs. Pack to stay fit through a supply of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

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