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Time Released Proteins: slow-acting for prolonged supply

Looking for a supplement that combines several proteins with different absorption rates in a single formula? Buy sequential proteins by HSN’s complete range of products.

The best sequential protein powder by the SportSeries brand is already on the market.

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Table of contents

What are time released/absorption proteins?

Time released proteins are combinations of two or more types of protein with different absorption rates, such as: whey, egg albumin, micellar casein, and even soy protein. I.e. time released proteins come from mixed sources so that they’re progressively absorbed once digested.

Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids, linked together, called peptides, and it’s through the process of digestion that the protein is reduced into the unitary elements to be absorbed.

Depending on the source of protein, the time between intake and absorption will vary.

what is time released protein
What are time released protein supplements for

What are time released protein supplements for?

Time released protein supplements primarily work to increase and maintain muscle mass and prevent sarcopenia (loss of muscle).

The process begins by raising the concentration of amino acids in blood plasma, which triggers a strong response for protein synthesis, leading to a subsequent decrease. It is precisely at this point that sequential proteins yield their full potential.

If we consume different proteins with different absorption rates, we can obtain several different peaks for protein synthesis. Doing so, we’ll be able to maintain a constant flow of amino acids in our bloodstream.

Absorption rate of time released proteins

In time released protein, each of the proteins contained therein will produce a different response in the protein absorption process: concentrated and isolated.

Hydrolysed protein has the highest rate of absorption because its composition contains high amounts of peptides. They are simpler structures that our bodies can absorb more quickly.

In these circumstances, despite the belief that the ideal would be to ingest only this type of protein, the reality is that it is not. The reason for using sequential proteins is not saturation due to the high speed, but the interest in continuing to release amino acids by including a low speed source.

It’s important to include other sources of energy with slower absorption to get the most benefit.

Absorption rate

How do you choose the right time released protein for you?

The key to choosing the right time released protein is to take into account your lifestyle and specific needs.

Proteins have different absorption rates, so you have to ask yourself: what’s your goal? And when will you take it? One option is Evopro, composed of casein + whey, a mixture of ultra premium quality proteins. There’s also a vegan option with Evopro Vegan, composed of pea protein + rice + hemp.

We recommend taking the protein as part of your first meal of the day, or between meals, if there’s going to be a big wait before the next one.

In both cases, it contributes to the maintenance and development of muscle mass.

Choose time released protein
Time released proteins in the body

What does Time Released protein provide for the body?


  • Contribute to the increase in muscle mass.
  • They contribute to the preservation of muscle mass.

Time released proteins types at HSNstore

Generally, the composition of the gradual release proteins is usually made up of Hydrolysate, Isolate, Concentrate and Casein. The principal proteins used include:

We can also find protein products combined other ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals and enzyme complexes, to strengthen the formula in search of a specific goal.

Time released proteins types

When should you take Time Released protein?

You can take time released protein at any time of the day, whenever you most need a source of protein.

Take your protein sequentially when you get up to start the day with energy, between meals to regain strength, or at bedtime for greater absorption and muscle growth.

How to take Time Released proteins?

Puedes tomarla en forma de batido de la misma manera que un batido de proteínas whey. Tan sencillo como mezclar la cantidad indicada por el fabricante en cada producto con agua o leche desnatada o vegetal y agitar con la ayuda de un shaker.

Take time released protein
Best time released protein

What is the best Time Released protein?

For athletes who require a high quality protein profile, a combination of fast (whey concentrate) and slow absorption (casein and calcium caseinate) proteins are best.

We recommend Evonight 2.0 by SportSeries, a time released protein with 5 types of protein and a unique multiphase protein formula.

Why buy Time Released proteins at HSNstore?

In our HSN shop we strive to produce quality time released proteins that respect the nutritional preferences and intolerances of everyone.

We offer the best time released protein in a wide range of protein mixtures, of various sizes and at a very competitive price, with excellent service and fast or urgent shipping.

Buy time released proteins at HSN

Frequently questions from our customers

We look forward to your questions and queries for our team of experts, but here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Whey protein and hydrolysed protein are absorbed at a faster rate than casein, while casein is digested at a moderate rate.

Consuming proteins such as Whey before bed can be an effective nutritional strategy to improve training efficiency. We recommend our all-purpose Evopro product, which works great as a pre-bed!

In stores specialising in Sports Nutrition and Healthy Eating, such as HSN. We’re industry leaders, with more than 15 years of experience, and strive every day to improve and innovate through our products.

Check our the super outlet section on our website where you’ll find promotions and clearance sales due to expiry dates, format changes or discontinued items.

The main difference is that a time released protein has a fast-absorbing part (usually whey); while casein will always have a slow absorption