Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones have a peculiar smell due to their phenol group.

Due to their lipolytic effect in vitro and their structure which is similar to substance like ephedrine or capsaicin, its use has been related to a better ability to use fatty acids as energy, which consequently results in weight loss

Other associated effects are more skin elasticity and even better hair care.

Different studies have stated that in order to benefit from the positive effects of raspberries or other berries we would need a lot of natural product, which would also be quite expensive. That is why scientists came up with raspberry ketone supplements, which provide all the properties from these ingredients.

Where can I buy raspberry ketone supplements?

The main raspberry ketone supplements are available in the HSN online store at the best price in the market. We suggest the one developed by HSNessentials which, apart from providing raspberry ketones, it also includes african mango, l-carnitine, açai berry, green tea and glucomannan.

Raspberry Ketones Benefits and Properties

Raspberry Ketones – Stimulating the basal metabolism to lose weight

Raspberry ketones are natural phenolic compounds that produce the smell of raspberries. In fact, according to recent research, they can support weight loss processes by producing adiponectin.

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