Potassium is one of the essential minerals that make up the human body. It is crucial when it comes to regulating the heartbeat as well as the nervous impulses.

It is available in food and it is specially useful after doing physical exercise since we lose potassium and magnesium when we sweat. However, it is also available in food supplementation.

A deficiency is easily detected since it causes symptoms such as muscle dysfunction, constant thirst or vomits.

Where can I buy potassium supplements?

Potassium supplements are available in parapharmacies, herbalist's shops and specialized stores like HSN.

One of the supplements that includes potassium is Evolytes by HSNsports, this formula will compensate for the loss of mineral salts through sweat, like in the case of athletes.

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    Advanced electrolyte formula! Vegan mineral salts to avoid becoming dehydrated.
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  • Vitamins and minerals in effervescent tablets. It provides 204mg of calcium per serving.
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  • Minerals and plant extracts with diuretic properties.
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  • Essential mineral. Electrolyte balance. Support for the nervous system.
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