Medicine Balls & Fitballs

Medicine balls are used for Fitball. They tend to be different in terms of their diameter and, therefore, their  weight. In fact, you can find models that weigh from 1kg up to 10kg. In general, the manufacturers use different colors depending on their weight.

The main advantage of medicine balls for Fitball is that they will help you exercise all the muscles from your body. Above all, this is because they increase the range of movement.

In addition, each person will be able to use a different one depending on their physical circumstances, needs and objectives.

The standard diameter of medicine balls for Fitball is between 35 and 85 centimeters and they are usually filled with air only. The external material is very elastic in order to improve the performance of the exercise. Therefore, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

These medicine balls are specially useful when it comes to exercising the body posture, flexibility and balance. But they are also ideal to relax the muscles and reduce the tension in any area. Thanks to these accessories, we will improve in a much simpler way than with other more complex mechanisms.

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In HSN, you will be able to find medicine balls with different dimensions and weights in order to do Fitball. Check the whole catalog and place and order now!

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