Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a very common hygiene product whose purpose is to eliminate the bacteria and microbes that accumulate in this area of the body.

Currently, they are used as a more effective alternative to the traditional combination of water and soap, since they have a series of active ingredients that will radically eliminate these microorganisms.

Moreover, they usually include alcohol as well, although most of them try to avoid it in order to avoid irritating the skin. That is why in these cases these gels use other ingredients with similar effects. But, if they include it, the minimum recommended amount is a 60% of its composition, otherwise it would not be fully effective.

In addition, they have several ingredients that will hydrate and nourish the skin of the hands, apart from eliminating harmful microorganisms. Anyone can use them, although children should avoid using the ones with alcohol, since their intake can be toxic.

Actually, several studies have proven that they can be extremely effective when it comes to avoiding the infection of many diseases.

Where can I buy high quality hand saniziters?

In HSN, we have a wide range of hand sanitizers that have been dermatologically tested to meet all the sanitary regulations. Products ready for immediate dispatch.

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    Cleansing and moisturizing gel. With natural plant extracts. For daily use, perfect for the whole family.
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    Alcohol gel to clean your hands. Easy to use. Without rinse, guaranteed freshness and hygiene.
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