Hand Creams

Together with our face, the hands are the area of the body that is most exposed to the action of external harmful agents. Evidently, the skin is the first barrier that these microorganisms need to cross, which is why it is also the most damaged.

That is why using hand creams that will hydrate and regenerate the cells is so important since it will be the only way to make sure that they are in perfect conditions after a long day.

Before choosing a hand cream, we need to know the type of skin that we have. Therefore, there are four big groups:

  • Normal
  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Mixed

Hand creams for dry skin have to hydrate the tissues so that the skin will recover its natural smoothness and glow. On the other hand, those that are meant for normal skin only have to provide the necessary nutrients to preserve its tone and aspect. However, those creams are not suitable for oily skin because they can actually make matters worse. Finally, the most sensitive skins need hypoallergenic formulas that will avoid any kind of irritation.

Buy hydrating hand creams

It is advisable to use this type of products at least once a day. In HSN, we have a wide range of products and creams for each specific type.

Moreover, they are of the highest quality since they have passed the most demanding dermatological controls.

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