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Moisturizing creams for the face have a huge presence in the world of cosmetics. They can have many purposes, although all of them include a moisturizing principle, which is basic to recover the good aspect of the skin by eliminating dry skin and increasing the beauty and care of the organism.

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What ingredients are used in face moisturizers?

Facial creams can include different ingredients, which provide a series of positive benefits for the skin: snail slime, aloe, etc.

The associations of dermatologists have gathered the six essential components of a moisturizing cream for the skin, which we have listed here:

Sun Screen Factor (SPF)

The number indicates how long the skin can be exposed to the sun without being burned by the ultraviolet radiation. Thus, if we take ten minutes to burn our skin and use a moisturizing sunscreen of 15 for dry skin, we will be protected for 150 minutes (10×15).

"Using a protection factor of 30 or higher in a moisturizer every morning slows the signs of skin aging and reduces the chances of developing cancer," according to specialists.

Antioxidants in facial creams

Antioxidants should be applied immediately after cleansing the skin, so that they are better absorbed through the moisturizing face cream. Its main function on the skin is neutralizing the damage that the free radicals do to the skin.

The free radicals are molecules with unpaired electrons and therefore more unstable, which react easily when they try to find the electron they need to achieve their stability and hydration.

They are produced in many processes in the body, for example by the metabolism or by the immune system in order to fight viruses and bacteria, but also by environmental factors such as the sun's ultraviolet rays and pollution. They play a role in the aging process and the loss of the beauty of the skin.

In order to combat this situation, it is advisable to use facial lotions with vitamin C, because there are studies that have proven its effect on the skin.

Retinol in moisturizing creams

Retinol belongs to the family of retinoids, derivatives of vitamin A, and it is usually applied to cosmetics for its effects and support for the skin.

Retinol erases the dark spots and lines of expression, balances your skin tone, softens more its aspect and closes the dilated pores.

All the experts agree that this moisturizing ingredient needs to adapt to the skin. That is why it is advisable to start applying it on the skin avoiding the summer months once or twice a week, at night and, little by little, increase the dose until you use it daily without risks. It is specially advised to apply products with retinol at night.

In addition, if we want to truly experience the effects of this component, we will need a minimum of 12 weeks in which desquamation and redness are part of the moisturizing cream process.

AHA in facial creams

AHAs are alpha-hydroxy acids, some components that are present in several cosmetic products, also in facial moisturizing creams. You have to look for them on the label with names such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid.

AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) prevent more dead cells from accumulating on the skin, so they mainly work as an exfoliating cream. They also bring luminosity to the face. Environmental factors and stress, apart from the sun, slow the rate of cell renewal or skin rejuvenation.

Peptides in facial creams

Collagen is a protein molecule released by the cells of the connective tissue. It is the most abundant component of the skin and bones. Its decrease has consequences on the smoothness of the skin, so the peptides included in facial moisturizers are intended to combat this last fact. You should look for them in the labels of cosmetic products as matrixyl.

Hyaluronic Acid in facial creams

This is a humectant, so it is basic for any facial moisturizer. It is recommended to apply it at night, since moisturizing the skin before going to bed every night may be the best option.

How to use moisturizers

In both women and men, it is advised to cleanse the facial skin at least twice a day with different products. During the day we will eliminate more toxins and waste that we eliminate through the pores during the night. Before going to bed we will hydrate the face with creams when the skin is going to rest, as we do.

It is essential to maintain the hydration of the face with cream, specially in mature or dry skins, both during the day and at night. For this reason, it is advisable to apply a moisturizing product that seals the water in the epidermis, with a good moisturizer at least twice a day.

In addition, a moisturizing day-cream is not the same as a night-cream. As time goes by, the skin loses water through evaporation and it is necessary to replace it with a cream. Therefore, it is interesting to use a day-cream which protects us from the sun, pollution, environmental conditions. An then another cream at night, which is when the skin sets in motion the best repair mechanisms, a cream that helps to restore, repair, regenerate and nourish.

How to apply a facial cream

The best experts advise applying moisturizers to the face with both hands in an upward motion, starting with the chin and massaging gently, until it is spread all over the face. Always from top to bottom and from the centre to the outside.

It is necessary to avoid the cream in the contour of the eyes, because it is a more sensitive zone and more prone to allergies, for which there are cosmetics or cream more defined. It is also advisable to do some gentle pinches on the face to activate blood microcirculation, which provides "extra" nutrients and promotes the cell regeneration.

Where can you buy the best face moisturizers?

There are many cosmetic cream products in parapharmacies, all of them designed to moisturize the skin of the face and increase its beauty. However, at HSN we always offer you the best natural products that provide your body with the greatest amount of nutrients. As always, you can get the best face moisturizers of the market and at the best price.

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