Face Cleansing

Cleansing our face every day, together with more aggressive and specific treatments such as scrubbing periodically, is crucial for a healthy skin without imperfections.

Our skin loses its flow and uniformity due to the dirt that accumulates in our face. That is why this process is absolutely indispensable for men and women alike.

In general, the oil produced by the skin itself is the one that ends up obstructing the pores, not allowing our skin to breathe. However, the pollution and even makeup can make matters worse.

Using makeup removers and moisturizing creams on a daily basis is crucial, but you need to use other procedures in order to cleanse your skin.

Functions of face cleansing

The main objective of cleansing our face is to unblock the pores that were obstructed. We can do this on a daily basis, but it is advisable to go to a professional every three or four months in order to get a deep face cleansing. This will help us make sure that we remove the dead cells.

As we already know, the skin from the face regenerates completely every 28 days. However, environmental factors and stress can prolong this processincreasing the number of cells accumulated on the skin, which will make our skin look worse-

Buy products for face cleansing

Make up removers, exfoliating creams and lotions to hydrate and balance our skin are beauty products that you not be missing from your skincare routine.

In HSN, we offer a wide range of these products. All of them have passed the most demanding dermatological tests.

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