Fitcake is a spanish nutrition company that is committed to making sweet products that are compatible with healthy diets.

Delicious desserts, healthy sweets

Right now, the company is fighting to earn its place among those who sell sugar-free desserts that are also low in calories. However, they still want to keep the flavor of traditional patisserie. Their star product was born with these objectives in mind, the Fitcake® sponge cake.

Conquering the palate without palm oil nor sugars

Fitcake's mantra as an emerging company in the current world of desserts is: farewell sugars, palm oil and welcome healthy ingredients, fiber, amino acids or proteins of the highest quality. These are good times for those who take care of their body.

An expanding company

Fitcake is currently expanding its distribution network and its growth forecast is unstoppable.

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  • Sugar-free sponge cake with 4 different flavors. Created by Aurelio Montes, Michelin Star 2018.
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