Woman Series

WomanSeries is the product range created, designed, produced and distributed by HSN, with a special focus on natural food supplements for sportswomen.

Food supplements are unisex, and can be used interchangeably by people of either sex; and when formulating supplements containing complex compounds, the needs of a unisex athlete are usually considered, and are not specific to men or women.

Both sexes have different nutritional needs, so why settle for a standard product? You can now buy products specifically designed for women's supplementation needs!

Achieve all your goals with HSN supplements!

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What can I find in the WomanSeries range?

In HSN's pink line you'll find specific products for use by sportswomen.

We've designed a line with a particular bright and vibrant colour aesthetic, as opposed to the other HSN ranges where basic shades are more common.

Buy the best clothes from WomanSeries!

100% natural cotton t shirts, with a tailored cut and tight fit; sports towels and backpacks, resistant and naturally comfortable. You can take all of it with you through your most intense training sessions.

And food supplements specially formulated for your goals!

Amongst them, you'll find our:

Collagen pink, especially for women

Aimed at improving joint health and skin appearance; made with a studied combination of hydrolysed marine collagen, glucosamine, boswellia serrata, CoQ10, and much more. This is one of the star supplements of this HSN line.

And we've got surprises! New offers every day!

Made with high-quality materials

At HSN, we make our clothing products with top quality materials.

All the WomanSeries clothing range has been made with 100% cotton, ensuring greater durability, finish and quality.

Our backpacks have a great storage capacity and are made with waterproof materials, making them light, comfortable and resistant..

HSN, with you in your workouts, with a touch of pink!

Supplements made from the top raw ingredients

Our food supplements are made from the highest quality raw ingredients available on the international market, ensuring all the products properties are maintained for longer.

All our products are made completely in-house.

We control all stages of production for our food supplements, assuring the rigidity in the weighing of the compounds, the particle filtering in the processing rooms, the control point analysis, good manufacturing practices, and storage quality of the product once produced.

We are certified by independent accreditations that ensure we meet their stringent quality standards. We have GMP, GWP, HACCP, and ISO8 certifications, and a rigorous procedure of internal control of dosages and microbiological safety analysis of the batches produced. All so that you don't have to worry about anything.

We ensure the highest quality food supplements possible!

HSN Delivery

Free shipping on orders over 85€!

And they'll arrive in only 3-4 days, ready to help you give it your all!

Need any help?

At HSN, we know that it's sometimes difficult to choose the right products to meet your objectives; whether it's to improve your health and feel better, have more vitality, more energy, better skin and hair appearance, or anything else Ð we've got the supplement for you!

On the HSN blog you'll find the best articles to help you better understand the role of each product. All of them have been written by our experts, in a simple and easy to understand format, to offer you help on which products to buy to reach your goals.

Make the most of our offers to get what you need!

Your new best friends, at HSN!

We are nutrition.

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