Victory Endurance
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Victory Endurance

Victory Endurance is a company that forms a range of products by Weider Sport & Specialty Nutrition, aimed at the development of food supplements designed by and for sportspeople and high performance athletes.

Victory Endurance brings you 3 product lines with distinct use objectives and benefits: Hydration, Energy, and Recovery.

It’s the brand of reference for runners, cyclists, triathletes, contact sport players and highly metabolic activities.

Table of contents

Where does Victory Endurance come from?

From the Weider’s experience as a company specialising in the specific needs of athletes..

The company’s very own experts became aware of the need to introduce a product line specifically designed for high performance athletes, that could allow for special application in combination with training routines, to hydrate, recover and boost energy.

That’s how Victory Endurance was born!

Assured quality

Victory Endurance maintains the highest quality standards that reflect the practices of Weider as a brand:

  • Ensure compliance with the norms in legislation of each country where the product is commercialised and sold.
  • Employ the best raw materials available on the market for the development of supplements.
  • Pursue the development of safe and effective supplements as a fundamental basis.
  • Perfect flavours and textures, seeking out the best and tastiest supplements and prepared foods
  • Assure the total absence of contamination by doping substances, implementing “Anti-Doping” practices.

Victory Endurance employs recognised raw material ingredients such as: Carnipure™, Creapure®, Optipept®, Palatinose™, or Mod Carb™.

100% anti-doping practices

Victory Endurance supports the clean practising of sports, free-from the use of prohibited substances, known as Anti-Doping; or Doping-free:

The range of supplements is totally Anti-Doping / Doping-Free.  

What Victory Endurance products will you find at HSN?

At HSN you’ll find a wide range of dietary supplements by Victory Endurance, at the best price.

Find supplements for each one of the respective fields of development::

  • Hydration.
  • Energy.
  • Recovery.

Victory Endurance is the most specialised brand for high-performance athletes. .