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Victory is a brand that forms part of Weider Sports & Speciality nutrition that forms it’s most elemental line of dietary supplements which are clean label, simple and effective.

Based on the development of prepared foods rich in protein, amino acid supplements, pre-workout supplements and "basic" products.

Table of contents

Where does Victory come from ?

Weider is a company with a large offering of food and dietary supplements for athletes which simply doesn’t stop growing.

During this growth process, a need was identified: As well as the classic supplements and prepared foodstuffs for athletes, made using complete formulas and multi-ingredients; base supplements are needed, which are precisely those which make up Weider’s complexes.

Victory appeared like a halo, offering something completely different for the market!

Weider Quality

Victory maintains Weider’s standards of production and development,a company that encompasses other rages such as Victory and Victory Endurance. It can be characterised as and stands out for:

  • Guaranteeing compliance with the specifications set out by European regulations that regulate the use of food and dietary supplements.
  • Selecting the highest quality raw materials for sale on the European market
  • Making food and dietary supplements that can be backed up with the highest grade of evidence in terms of their safety and efficiency.
  • Developing prepared dietary products which constantly offer a better taste experience and with better organoleptic characteristics.
  • Certifying the total absence of any substance or compound mentioned in the World Anti-Doping Agency guidelines in any of its food and dietary supplements.

Victory, the simple, elemental face of Weider

Presenting a simpler format, which is just as effective as always, governed by the brand’s high quality standards that have made it so unique.

Finding isolated amino-acids, protein, BCAAs and pre-workout supplements from Victory.

What Victory products will you find at HSN?

At HSN you’ll find a select range of Victory brand supplements, consisting of those products offering the greatest contrasted efficiency.

Find specific products for your needs, at the best price, here at HSN.