Velites Sport, you may have heard of it, specially if you are a crossfit or fitness enthusiast. This sports brand from Navarre specialises in designing and manufacturing small-sized equipment for functional training, which has been so popular in recent years. Their specialty: VRope Fire 2.0 Jump Rope, fast and light jump ropes, perfect if you want to jump fast to nail the double unders (double jumps, for those who do not know more about cross-training).

Crossfit or functional training is a multidisciplinary sports variant based on achieving an optimal athletic performance. To achieve this, this sport combines skills such as endurance, speed, physical strength, flexibility, power or balance and involves disciplines such as weightlifting, aerobic gymnastics, athletics or powerlifting

Finding the occasional crossfitter among groups of friends, at work or at the gym is becoming more and more common. Without a doubt, Velites has been able to foresee the needs of this new community. Its equipment is part of the premium range and is aimed at all these crossfit practitioners, both beginners, intermediate or advanced level. Therefore, it can be interesting for a wide public, women and men of practically any age.

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Velites and its Crossfitter Past

When its assiduous crossfit founder, Matías Hernández, tried unsuccessfully to get decent marks in double unders, he started blaming the rope for his constant failures, something we've all done at some point. Frustration makes us adjust the length of the rope again and again, put our arms closer to the body, jump higher... to not avail, he did not manage to make the double jumps and the rope remained halfway between one lap and another.

At that moment, the creator of Velites decided that it was time to change the rope that was giving him so much trouble and to his surprise, the sports shops did not have a solution for his needs. Neither the aesthetics nor the functionality of the jump rope adjusted to the fast and agile jumps of crossfit. Then, what was the solution? Create your own jump rope based on your specific needs. Braided steel with a semi-rigid PVC cover and he had the Fire 2.0 Jump Rope in his hands, the rope he had been looking for. In short, an obstacle became an opportunity that an ordinary crossfitter was able to see.

It was not long before his boxing buddies wanted to imitate him and the first sales did not take too long. Velites was born out of the needs of an athlete and continues to evolve to this day.

Velites as a current referent in Crossfit

Velites Sport began its journey in a Navarra box, back in 2015. Its success was expected, since the same weekend that its founder launched its product, three gyms in Menorca, Mallorca and Valladolid sent offers to include them among their accessories.

Since then, the evolution of the brand has been dizzying. Velites has progressively expanded its range of accessories: hand grips, hand creams, wristbands... All of them aimed at crossfit athletes who are conditioned every day by a high intensity activity with very specific requirements.

Apart from its equipment, Velites has expanded its public by crossing the ocean. In 2019 it aims to position itself as a leading brand in functional training in several places in the United States, the culmination of crossfit.

On the other hand, the contribution of the brand as a content provider positions it as one of the benchmarks of knowledge in the context of cross-training in the near future, as it divulges content related to crossfit on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Velites Philosophy: Crossfit and High Performance

The aim of Velites is to provide crossfitters with solutions to help them achieve physical fitness within a healthy lifestyle. The team of professionals is made up of engineers, designers, athletes and fitness specialists. Who better than a crossfiter to understand a customer?

They are inspired by real problems to develop their accessories, with quality and functionality as basic principles, premium accessories are made by and for athletes. This is why design plays a fundamental role in the development of their products, which they develop with a specific objective: to help you achieve your goals.

How do they make sure that the products are 100% effective? They test them again and again in real environments: crossfit boxes, gyms, world competitions and professional athletes. In this way, they combine constant learning with the improvement of the accessories, which allows them to constantly upgrade and evolve the qualities of the products just as the sports discipline evolves.

Their greatest asset: quality. The premium products that you will find at Velites meet the highest quality standards, from the beginning of the design process to the manufacturing process. The company has ISO certification, which ensures it.

The star product of Velites: Vropes or Crossfit Jump Ropes

From the frustration of the double unders that we all know, came the signature product of Velites: the Fire 2.0 Jump Rope. The design of this jump rope is unique, is the queen of vropes and these are some of its properties:

  • Lightness: it is the lightest aluminum rope on the market. You will not see any other like it!
  • Fully adjustable: its 3.5 metre cable and adjustment system ensure a maximum adaptation to your height and body composition.
  • Ergonomic handle: the grip is one of the main elements of the jump. The handle has two sections, an end section that connects to the cable and a wider, rougher section for the hand area, which simulates the rougher finish of a weightlifting bar. This ensures a firm but agile grip that allows the wrist to rotate.
  • High level: thousands of high competition athletes use this rope every day, the VRope Fire 2.0 will perform perfectly in the most demanding wod, do you dare?
  • Add weight: if you have reached the pro level, try adding extra weight to the rope to improve your technique in double or even triple jumps. Use the weights during the wod for a more demanding workout.
  • For everyone: this premium jumping rope is for you, whether you are just starting out in the world of crossfit or if you have already mastered the triple unders, nobody can skip the jumps in the box!

Velites Product Range

Attention, crossfitters! You will find the following variants among the range of Velites products designed and manufactured specifically for functional training:

  • Jump Ropes: with the VRope Fire 2.0, its most popular product, you will not be able to live without it.
  • Protection: it includes the flexible nylon Wristband and Core Wristband, as well as the adaptable Shell Flexy Hand Grips, both essential for toes to bar or for weightlifting.
  • Care: Healing Care Cream 30 ml, Polar Massage Cream 100ml and Magma Massage Cream 100ml, perfect for a quick wound and muscle healing. Use the cream for scrapes caused by the rope or for calluses caused by the bar.
  • Accessories: customize or update your jump rope with weights and cables of different lengths and modalities (Competition Cable, Standard Cable, Training Cable, Earth Cable).
  • Mobility: increase your mobility and shorten your recovery with the mobility range, where you will find the Double Foam Roller and the Massage Ball. These products will help you stimulate the blood circulation and relax your muscles once you have finished your wod.
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