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Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition is a cooperative made up of 3 of the most well-known brands in the fitness sector in North America, its place of origin; and today it's all over the world.

Includes the brands:

  •  Animal.
  •  Universal.
  •  Carbrite.

Each of them has its own particular approach, aimed at a specific sector of the population, although they all comply with the same unifying principle:

To be a constant support for the athletes most involved with physical suffering in order to achieve all the proposed objectives.

At HSN we have bodybuilding in our essence, and Universal is part of our trusted brands because of the unity and commitment it brings to its products.

Table of contents

The roots of Universal Nutrition

Universal was founded in 1977, during the golden age of bodybuilding, in the city of Linden, New Jersey. It began by selling a milk, egg and liver protein powder only.

It was expanded and Animal was founded in 1983.

Animal became extraordinarily famous for its first launch, and the brand's flagship product: Animal Pak, a vitamin-mineral complex specifically for the most intense sportspeople.

The Universal brand has been growing and renewing itself (both in the formulation of its accessories and in its own brand image) until today, where it is positioned as one of the most powerful brands in the fitness market.

The Mission of Universal

4:41am... In the game... "How do you know you're ready? Let me tell you something... You don't".

Universal as a whole has a clearly defined mission based on 3 firm beliefs:

  1.  Pursuing the development of strength is not just exercise it's a lifestyle. Strength and the desire to progress lie at the heart of every human behaviour, so the strength created in the gym represents firmness of spirit and character.
  2.  A community is always stronger than an individual. Pursuing a fitness goal can be perceived as lonely, but it does not have to be. Sharing support, knowledge and wisdom are important parts of achieving success
  3. Unless you live the lifestyle you do, you cannot really speak with experience or authenticity.

The founders, workers and community members of Universal are themselves competitive athletes. They train hard, eat healthy and use the brand's own supplements.

They seek the best for themselves, as well as for you.

The values of Universal Nutrition

It establishes its actions in 4 fundamental pillars that define its principles as a brand and a community:

  • Dedication: They are not hanging out here, nor is it a hobby. This is what they are, and it is a lifelong commitment.
  • Vision: Walking on a road with little traffic, only Universal can truly see its true destiny.
  • Humility: Iron is unforgiving in its ability to keep us humble. The only person we seek to be is someone better than yesterday.
  • Consistency: Since the first Animal Pak was released in Jersey (1983), the mission remains the same... To get the job done, every day.

Universal wanted to change the industry, and 4 decades later is still doing so.

Find the best Universal Nutrition products at HSN

HSN is an official distributor of Universal Nutrition, where you'll find products from the Universal and Animal lines.

All the brand's emblematic accessories are present in our catalogue:

Which one is yours?

At HSN, we import food supplements directly from Universal Nutrition's New Brunswick headquarters. Premium quality 100% USA made at HSN, at the best market price.