The brand Scivation was born with a clear purpose: to support the nutrition, health and well-being of people, manufacturing quality products that will help them overcome any sport challenge. All the manufacturing and distribution processes are subject to strict and rigorous regulations, from the raw ingredient to the final product.

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You will find detailed information on their official website Scivation.comregarding the raw ingredients, quality processes, manufacturing and research.

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  • XTEND - Scivation
    Pre-intra-post workout drink with BCAA's, citrulline and vitamin B6.

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    • 30 servings - Grape Escape, 30 servings - Fruit Punch, 30 servings - Pink Lemonade, 30 servings - Pineapple, 30 servings - Lemon Lime, 30 servings - Mango, 30 servings - Strawberry Mango
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