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Realfooding® has been a revolution.

Leave the MATRIX of an industry that tries to fill your foods with sugars, saturated fats and salt!

The movement was born, and grew up, under the banner of "eat real food", which is to say, the healthiest food, the kind your body needs, dense in nutrients and without negative additives.

With the reasoning and research of the movement, Realfooding® has expanded exponentially, and today even has an academy for Dietitian-Nutritionist training under the standards of the registered mark.

At HSN we support Realfooding® in their mission to improve the health of society through healthy and sustainable foods, through the use of minimally processed foods and food preparations such as our proteins.

And through the distribution of Carlos Ríos's books, we hope the message can travel.

Table of contents

Where did Realfooding come from?

From its beginnings, Realfooding® has simply been about following a diet based on minimally processed foods.

Carlos Ríos, is the creator and current director of the movement.

Find out more about the creator of the movement

A Dietitian-Nutritionist, born in Huelva in 1991, he graduated from the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Seville).

During his years as a university student, he became aware of the latent problem in society encouraging the consumption of ultraprocessed foods, everywhere, in any social situation, without questioning the possibility of making healthy choices.

This is how he defines it on the official Realfooding website:

"Our mission is to fight, through knowledge and awareness, against the multinationals of ultraprocessed products, and to bring back real food for the people."

What are the principles of Realfooding®?

Realfooding abides by the following basic principles, which are developed extensively in Carlos Ríos's books.

People should be aware of what they are eating

Because a large percentage of the noncommunicable diseases so prevalent in Western society in the 21st century are due to the bad eating habits of the population.

Improving the diet, consuming real food, could really make a difference to this.

To eat healthily: Eat real food

On a planet as big as ours, where the availability of products for eating is tremendously rich and diverse, resorting to the total processing of foods, which leads to the loss of some of the compounds in its composition, is a real waste.

The best diet is a combination of adherence and Realfood.

Real food is based simply of food

So, losing the nutritional vision of carbohydrate-protein-fats and focusing on basic principles such as eating all the healthy foods provided by nature – more traditional recipes and less dieting.

And based on the benefits of the nutritional constituents inherent in un-processed food composition.

Real food is cooked

Preparation and cooking techniques specific to foods and minimally processed products that would be considered real food, which realfooding defends, and whose traditional recipes we should all recover in order to eat better.

We advocate for more recipes cooked like our grandparents made them!

Support local business

Through the use of the local market, seasonal ingredients; sustainable farming, processing and livestock.

No conflict of interests

Real food is not financed by large multinationals, nor by people fervently promoting products for their own financial gain.

Real food is only interested in those who have escaped the matrix.

Ultraprocessed foods are bad for your health

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that indicates that ultra-processed food preparations are harmful, increasing the risk of metabolic disease and reducing life expectancy.

Eat real food, for your health and for the health fo your loved ones.

What will I find from Realfooding® at HSN?

At HSN, we are committed to promoting the principles of Realfooding, a healthy lifestyle and the fight for local agro-livestock sustainability.

Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t have to be simply an option, and improving our diet is easy if we have the right tools.

The "Eat real food" and "Real Food Kitchen" books by Carlos Ríos are the first steps in changing your life for the better.

Don't miss out!