Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition is a company dedicated to the production of bars, biscuits, aperitifs and other foods traditionally associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, with the aim of offering them in a health and fitness version.

With their "Quest Bar" Quest Nutrition have shaken up the market, with their first flavour, “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” really standing out.

Its goal is to help you follow a balanced, varied and tasty diet.

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Quest Nutrition, the bar experts

You’ll find a range of more than 25 flavours of protein bar, with something to suit every taste.-

They consist of high-protein products, with a reduced carbohydrate content as well as being low in sugar, ideal for healthy diets.

If you try it once, you’ll be hooked!

Quest’s Mission

Quest aims to develop food products that help you to achieve your goals and don’t get in the way of your success.

Enjoying a quest bar means freedom.

It’s the freedom to be able to enjoy foods that you really fancy without those treats ruining your diet


Quest Nutrition has a set of principles that define all of the actions the brand take and have allowed the brand to become a benchmark for healthy protein bars:

  • Creating products that are high in protein, minimising levels of carbohydrates and sugars, putting great flavour above all else.
  • Constantly seeking new ingredients.
  • Employing complete milk proteins that ensure products have a complete aminogram.
  • Employing low-calorie sweeteners with high digestive tolerance
  • Employing sources of fibre which have been approved by the FDA.

Since the creation of the very first Quest bar in 2010, by Ron and Shannan Penna’s kitchen personnel for the enjoyment of their friends and family, we can see the same high quality ingredients, right up to the present day, where we see a company that has grown to manufacture on an industrial scale.

...Quest Nutrition has not, and will not stop growing and improving.

What does Quest Nutrition offer you at HSN?

The renowned Quest Bar, at HSN we have availability in 27 product flavours, meaning you can always choose the one you really fancy.

Quest Nutrition and HSN share the same vision:

Our goal is to support people in their personal choices, a mission which motivates us to keep innovating.

That’s why we’ve always believed in Quest and their business model, since the very beginning.

Discover the full range of Quest Protein bars available at HSN!

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