Prisma Natural
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Prisma Natural

Prisma Natural is one of the most demanded brands from Nueva Dietética, a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of products with a natural composition made for health and beauty.

Nueva Dietética is completely committed with the innovation, development and values in the use of raw materials and natural components for the elaboration of their dietary and cosmetic products.
It was in 1992 when the beginning of Nueva Dietética was traced, under the name of GLOBALDIET.

In 2004 they undertook a renewal of the company to respond to the market demand by breaking traditional business structure schemes and created NUEVA DIETÉTICA, S.L.

They distribute their products to more than 2.000 points of sale in Spain and internationally in Portugal, Venezuela and Costa Rica.

Nueva Dietética is based on the pillars of conceptual innovation, in-depth research of new resources and formulas, product development, high technology processes, logistics systems and advanced marketing that allow them to analyze and effectively solve the needs of their consumers.

The team includes more than 50 experts from different fields, such as medicine, pharmacy, biology and nutrition who are responsible for conducting real tests in hospitals and laboratories. There are more than 350 products in the market that include natural cosmetics, phytotherapy, dietetic products and sport nutrition.

Its brand Prisma Natural is the most demanded and is the range focused on offering products composed of natural ingredients intended to improve the health and beauty of its consumers.