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Pharma OTC

PHARMA OTC S.L is a company dedicated to galenic R&D of innovative nutritional supplements for beauty and health care.

It was created by professionals of the national and international pharmaceutical industry, with a great experience. In very few years the company created a group of own brands of parapharmacie and over-the-counter (OTC), to be distributed to Pharmacies through famous laboratories.


Its wide knowledge about health, social demand and the evolution of the international markets like USA and Europe, have made Pharma OTC develop effective and innovative solutions and products to satisfy a competitive, fluctuating and demanding market.

Pharma OTC product ranges

  • Beauty: Pharma OTC has created several categories of body care products. All products have something in common, they have been formulated with the highest quality.
  • Health: This line is to promote health and wellness. It includes products for a better rest like Dormital, pre and probiotic supplements like Don Regulo, and multivitamins like Revital, DeMemory, Energisil and Devision.