Mutant is the range of PVL products that has been created to meet the different nutrient requirements of a demanding public such as bodybuilders, as well as fitness and strength athletes in general.

What does Mutant have to offer?

The brand Mutant mainly focuses on coming up with products that will improve the performance, muscle growth and recovery (mass-gainers, amino acids, proteins, pre-workout, etc).

Without any doubt, their rise to success has been due to their interest in offering high quality formulas that really work and that take into account the needs involved in this type of sports.

Their star product is Mutant Mass, the number 1 mass-gainer in the sport nutrition market. Mutant Mass has been chosen as the best mass gainer among bodybuilders and weightlifters in more than 85 countries around the world since 2006.

The company PVL (owner of Mutant) takes the innovation and development of the formulas very seriously. That is why they only use the latest research and development technologies in their R+D department.

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    Branched amino acids with a mixture of 8 electrolytes and BioPerine®. It provides 7.2g of BCAAs per service.
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