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In 1995, the company Iovate Health Sciences International launched Muscletech brand in Oackville, Ontario (Canadá). Iovate realised there was a big gap in the nutrition industry in quality matters, and took the chance by providing a solution.

They tried to create a brand committed to quality with formulas based on scientifically proven ingredients. And the made it.

Muscletech started selling only 3 products of creatine-6000-ES, Acetabolan and Hydroxycut (which is still on the market as one of the best sellers). After two years, its products started being sold in the best sports nutrition and natural dietetics stores.

The company experienced a gradual growth in a short period of time until it got to become one of the supplementation brands sponsoring Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic champions.

Muscletech has been growing since the beginning and today it is considered one of the best brands of the sports nutrition industry. Besides Muscletech, Iovate owns other 6 widely known brands like EPIQ™, HYDROXYCUT™, PURELY INSPIRED®, SIX STAR® Xenadrine®.

Quality & Development

Iovate Health Sciences International is dedicated to research, development and production of quality nutritional supplements through innovative and effective ways to improve its consumers' performance and quality of life. Its brands are focused on different objectives (promoting increased muscle mass, weight loss, energy and general health).

Always looking for new ways to improve existing products and new technological procedures to stay on top of the industry. Muscletech also maintains a strong commitment to quality and all the ingredients in their formulas are thoroughly tested in clinical trials to ensure the highest efficiency standards.

Its research and development team consists of qualified professionals in nutrition, biomedical toxicology, pharmacology, chemistry, biotechnology, human biology and human kinetics. All products are based on science and are analyzed by many universities and laboratories around the world; that is the secret for its success, now and ever.

Muscletech products

  • Performance Series: Supplements to improve athletic performance. In this varied product line you can find all the way from formulas based on amino acids, natural anabolic post-workout supplements to supplements to enhance weight loss.
  • Essential Series: This range consists of “essential” supplements. Amino acids, proteins, creatine, fatty acids, vitamins, etc.
  • SX-7 Series: Formulas pre-workout to promote fat loss.
  • Concentrated Series: This range includes two ultra-concentrated products. Neurocore (a citrulline and arginine preworkout) and Creacore (a creatine post-workout).
  • Premium Series: High Quality Protein.

Best Sellers Muscletech

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