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JNX Sports, the new Cobra Labs

The renowned sport supplement brand Cobra Labs has evolved throughout 2019. Now, they call themselves JNX Sports, although they still keep their whole product range as well as their unique essence

Cobra Labs entered the world of sport nutrition in 2010 with their innovative pre-workout The Curse! Later on, they came up with The Ripper! which has an extremely effective formula to burn fat. Their latest invention was Shadow-X, a pre-workout supplement designed specially for "tough guys". This product also evolved to become The Shadow! with a more aggressive and sinister design when the brand started to transition to JNX Sports. 

This evolution has taken place throughout 2019. The starting point was marked by the presence of the Cobra Labs team in the Olympia Weekend, the biggest bodybuilding event in the entire world. The brand took the chance to announce the launch. There, they revealed the new name change to JNX Sports with the campaign “The Tribe is evolving”.

During the rest of the year, the brand has progressively transitioned to its new name that now figures in its website, brand image and social media. JNX Sports is the new Cobra Labs! During this evolution, they have widened their product range in terms of sportswear, including a clothing line called “JNX apparel”.

The renowned brand Cobra Labs has a new name but it preserves the same quality and features. If you did not know them before, are you going to miss out?

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JNX Sports, show your darkest side!

After all this and you still do not know what we are talking about? JNX sports is a sport supplements brand famous for its pre-workout formulas that come with sinister designs that will not go unnoticed.

This brand has been present in many sport nutrition and supplementation events from the entire world, including Mr Olympia, Body Power UK and FIBO in Cologne, Germany. Moreover, they always attend the biggest bodybuilding events: Arnold Australia in 2016, Mr. Olympia 2016, Arnold Sports Festival Australia 2017 or the Sheru Classic in New Delhi on July of 2018. 

JNX Sports, always a step forward

The company was born in order to specialize on their products and customers. Their products have been designed and produced for the most powerful bodybuilding and fitness athletes. If you have an objective in mind, these supplements are definitely for you!

The JNX Sports team knows how hard it is to prepare physically to make the most of each workout. That is why they support a high sport performance with formulas that will meet the most demanding needs of their customers. Products ready to wake the beast that you carry inside!

Star product by JNX sports: The Curse!

When we think about JNX Sports, the first thing that comes to mind is The Curse! a pre-workout that has been recognized worldwide by several associations with different prizes. One of the most remarkable ones was the prize for Best Pre-Workout Supplement in the Chinese Supplements Awards, which took place in the biggest event of the fitness industry in China. It was supported by the Ministry of Industry, Information and Technology of the Chinese People's Republic.

Moreover, The Curse! has been nominated two years in a row as the best Pre-Workout of the year in the Naskorsports Supplement Awards 2018 and 2017, in the Netherlands.

Have you still not tried it? Do not wait any longer and try out the haunted supplement!

JNX sports Product Range

The JNX product range is highly specialized and with a clear and defined objective. There is no in-between, if you know what you want, these products are definitely for you:

The Curse! is regarded as one of the best pre-workout supplements in the world. It has earned prestige worldwide and there are few products that have reached this level of recognition. This is partly due to the varied range of innovative flavors (up to 9 different flavors that you are going to love), the quality of its ingredients and its efficacy. Above all, its objective is to provide extra support to enhance the performance to the fullest as well as the muscle gains during the workout. Beast mode on!

The ingredients from this supplement include:

  • An incredible energy punch
  • Wild strength
  • Muscle pump
  • Mental focus with tunnel vision effect

The Ripper! is a formula designed for fat loss and muscle growth. With more than a million bottles sold in the entire world, The Ripper! is one of the most effective thermogenic supplements available in the market, and they are constantly coming up with new flavors!

Its incredible potency and effectiveness come from a blend of concentrated ingredients that has been specially designed to burn fat and help to control the appetite. Moreover, it will also provide an energy supply and sharpen the focus. Try out the thermogenic power of The Ripper!

The Shadow! is the latest product from the food supplement range by JNX during 2019. This is an improved version of The Curse! but darker, more effective and hardcore, only for experienced athletes! This is the next stage in the evolution of pre-workout products: a supplement that increases the focus, strength and energy to unsuspected levels. Explore your potential like never before! This supplement has been designed to significantly improve the performance, explosiveness and muscle gains during the workout. You have to give it a try if you already have reached the beast mode!

What does JNX sports have to offer?

Their formulas are completely transparent and they include high quality ingredients whose properties have been supported by scientific studies in order to offer products that truly work. You will not find magical formulas or "proprietary formulas" with hidden ingredients here.

Their compromise with excellence and quality is fundamental and they make sure that their quality values remain, even as the brand keeps on expanding. If you are looking for a reliable, effective and specialized product, you are in the right place!

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